6 Misconceptions Buying Kitchen Appliances Locally

The general perception of the British public when buying kitchen appliances, is that you are better off going to a national retailer to get the best deals, support and after care. It is also a commonly held belief that aside from helping the ‘local economy’ by buying from a local independent store, you will generally pay more or not get looked after once your purchase is made.

This may be true for some retailers, but not for Simply Electricals.

Here, we challenge those misconceptions and illustrate the many reasons to buy from a local family independent electrical retailer.

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1. It will cost more.

Nothing could be further from the truth. At Simply Electricals, we may be small and independent, but we can go toe to toe with the giant retailer and e-tailers. Backed up with expert knowledge to correctly explore our customer needs to recommend the correct product (not necessary the most expensive), there’s no reason that anyone should lose out by buying ‘locally’.

2. They won’t have a big range of products.

We have a massive range of appliances from top, leading brands and some that you will not find anywhere else, exclusive to us.

Bosch washers in our Bolton Manchester store

3. There won’t be flexible payment options like a big company.

Simply Electricals offer a ‘Buy now pay 2016’ option in addition to zero deposits. You will do well to top those options.

4. They’ll try and flog me an extended warranty.

They all do that. We offer free extended guarantees of up to five years, giving peace of mind and covering parts, labour and callouts. So, don’t worry, there will be no sales person trying to sell you an extended warranty to hit their monthly target.

5. I will have to pay a fortune for delivery.

This might sound simple, but you would be surprised at how many companies hide their delivery charge until the checkout. Unless you own a large capacity van, for example, you have bought a 75kg washing machine, you are obliged to take delivery or risk bashing up your nicely polished car. At Simply Electricals we offer completely FREE delivery!

6. They’ll have to order it. There’s no way they’ll have it in stock.

So, after lengthy deliberation, you’ve decided which one you want and you get to the till and it’s out of stock. Most large retailers only keep show models and yours has to be ordered from a central warehouse, meaning you won’t get it for 2-3 weeks. Not ideal if you are, like a lot of people, buying a new washing machine because your old one’s broken. If you have a family, that’s an awful lot of washing not getting washed for that period of time. Good news, we have stock available to take away today!

Free recycling – Another benefit

A big issue for anyone replacing a large kitchen appliance is what to do with your old one. Removal can often leave you with a ¬£10 – ¬£20 extra cost that you weren’t expecting. Simply Electricals offer Free Recycling, delivering your new appliance and taking your old one away for free. Stress free!

Buy local, stay local

Ultimately, we are a local business, meaning your hard-earned cash is spent in your local area, and it stays in the local area. We reinvest that in the local area to bring you more products and highly competitive offers. Not only that, but we are on your doorstep too, so you don’t have to travel to see the appliances in the flesh, as it were. Unlike online, where you can only get a rough sense of the products.

Pop in and speak to one of our friendly experts today. You might be pleasantly surprised about what’s on offer.

Simply Electricals Bolton Manchester staff

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