Amazon Fire TV Box is here, but how good is it?

Amazon’s 4K Fire TV Box fighting a frontiersman’s path

At Simply Electricals in Bolton and Rawtenstall, we like to keep you updated on all new releases, planned tech upgrades and anything that can improve your home entertainment experience. Today, we look at 4K UHD streaming and the equipment needed to view it.

Amazon Fire TV box, remote and game controller

The 4K UHD streaming market is really starting to move and the big players are all jostling for the best position to springboard from. The big players that have announced plans for UHD broadcasts are Amazon and Netflix at present, but the nature of the beast means that this is just the beginning.

So, this brings us to the kit you need to access this new wave of programs and Amazon seems to have stolen a march on its major competitors to be the first to offer a reasonably priced and adequately equipped box for customers to view it on.

Ready for action

Unlike one of its major competitors, Apple’s standard HD TV box, the Amazon 4K Fire TV Box is able to receive a UHD 4K signal and will be available very soon at a very modest ¬£80. Where the Amazon Fire TV box falls down slightly, is in its storage capacity. Apple’s standard HD box is available in a 32Gb or 64Gb variant, whereas the Amazon Fire TV box has a meagre 8Gb to store in. This however, is easily rectified with the purchase of 128Gb memory card, which are available for a minimal cost.

There is alternative

Whilst the Amazon 4K Fire TV Box is a nifty bit of kit, this functionality already exists in Sony and Samsung’s 2015 ranges of 4K HD TVs, so if you own or plan to buy one of these sets, then a 4K HD TV receiver box isn’t even necessary.

Sony TV showing smart TV apps

Simply Electricals currently has the full range of these TVs in stock and even have offers on selected models. So, the added saving of buying a 4K HD receiver is certainly a compelling factor that could make the difference. Buy a new Sony or Samsung 4K HD TV from us and you won’t even have to purchase a receiver box and all it’s associated messy wires and cables.

Connection Requirements

One point to note before you make your move, is how fast is your broadband connection? A minimum stable connection of 15Mbps is needed to make any of 4K HD TV services work. This will probably mean that a fibre optic or cable setup is necessary to enjoy the best these services have to offer.

Pop into our Rawtenstall or Bolton branches anytime for helpful and relaxed advice on all things home entertainment. Whatever questions you may have, we will have someone on hand to help explain and demonstrate 4K HD TVs in all their glory.

Come and see us anytime. We’ll be glad to assist.

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