Tech Explained: Bissell Big Green Cleaning Machine


The Bissell Big Green Cleaning Machine – Ahead of the Competition

Simply Electricals in Bolton and Rawtenstall are the only retailer in the Greater Manchester area to offer a low-cost way of rejuvenating your house carpets in time for Christmas with the industry’s leading domestic carpet cleaner. You may think that we are offering a rental service on one of the main players in the carpet-cleaning market, which is the Rug Doctor, available from most Tesco stores. 

Wrong…this one is streets ahead

The carpet cleaner we offer a rental service on is more efficient, better at cleaning and much, much easier to use. The unit we are offering is the amazing Bissell Big Green Cleaning Machine (We’ll refer to at as the BGCM from now on). Anyone who has used a Rug Doctor machine mentioned above will know it has some limitations in terms of performance and ease of use. Bissell’s cleaning marvel addresses all of these issues, resulting in great cleaning performance and a minimum of perspiration from the user.

Cleaning in Both Forward and Backward Motions

Use a BGCM and the effort you put in to push and pull the cleaner around your carpet is rewarded with cleaning on both the forward and reverse motions. The Rug Doctor only cleans on the ‚Äúpull” motion, which I think you’ll agree is a big waste of effort. 

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Economic Use

The BGCM uses half the water when compared to the Rug Doctor during its cleaning process, which is not only better for the environment (and your back), but it means your carpet will dry after cleaning, that much quicker.

Separate Clean and Dirty Water Tanks

This feature cannot be underestimated when using a carpet cleaner. The Rug Doctor has a single removable tank which is used for both clean and dirty water. Keeping them separate has to result in a cleaner carpet. Not only that, but it can be quite laborious repeatedly emptying and refilling the single tank.

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Cyclone Brushes v Static Brush

The key to good carpet clean is the agitation of the pile to remove the dirt. The Rug Doctor has a single straight brush that doesn’t move an awful lot and is quite ineffective when compared to the BGCM’s 8 rotating brushes that really do provide a professional clean for a really reasonable cost.

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Why Rent and not Buy?

The BGCM retails at just a shade under £600 and in truth, you may only use it a couple of times per year. Simply Electricals offers access to its superb cleaning at a fraction of the cost and at a time when you need it, and without having to find a place to store it.Image title

This unit is clearly head and shoulders above the competition and if you’re looking for a ‚Äúpep” for your carpet without leaving a large hole in your wallet, then you should come and talk to us about renting one.

For more information about rental costs or for a friendly chat with one of our experts, pop into our Bolton or Rawtenstall stores anytime. 

And remember, in the Greater Manchester area, you can only rent one from us!

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