PR: Black Friday Electrical Sale Details

Black Friday Sale Fever Hits Simply Electricals in 2015

You’ve seen the crowds clamoring for elbow room in the Black Friday Frenzy that hits retail outlets on the other side of ‚ÄúThe Pond” each year.

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Things may take an extreme turn in the States, with everyone literally fighting for the best offers, but things are generally a little more civilized in the UK, so no one should come to blows during Simply Electrical’s Black Friday Bonanza running between Friday 24th and Monday 26th November 2015.

What to Expect

In short, you should expect lots and lots of great deals, with prices slashed on selected products in true Black Friday style. We hold huge amounts of stock in our Bolton and Rawtenstall stores, so supplying your items won’t be a problem.

Most retailers who run events during this period will not be able to cope with demand as customers rush into store to find out that their bargain item is either unavailable due to a system crash or in a warehouse that will take weeks to fulfill their order.

In previous years, websites running Black Friday offers quickly crash as the demand snowballs, so you can’t get these deals online. 

In Store Only

These mega deals will only be available in store between the dates shown above and it will be a case of ‚Äúfirst come, first served”. In a word‚Ķ.”You snooze, you lose”.

Black Friday may be an American invention, but it seems to be taking hold in British Retail and it’s thanks to this that you could find yourself a cracking bargain. 

Open Box Sale

In addition to the amazing deals that will be running (the details of which will be a closely guarded secret until the day itself), we will be slashing the prices of End of Line goods and open box items, which are basically items that have been returned, but are otherwise in ‚Äúas new” condition.

Put it in your Diary

So, mark the dates on your calendar and make sure you come into our Bolton or Rawtenstall stores between the 24th and 26th of November or you could end up missing out. We’re expecting a busy one, so the earlier you come the better. 

There are so many reasons to come and see us on any normal week, from home entertainment systems to stylish and innovative kitchen appliances. Come and see us during our Black Friday event and you could leave our stores with a whole lot more than you bargained for.

See you there!

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