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Big Ball Multifloor 2 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson's BIGBALLMULTIFL2 self-adjusts to suit any floor type. The new Pneumatic cleaner head raises and lowers itself for different surfaces, sealing in suction across all floor types. Get perfect performance cleaning from room to room without ever having to adjust your settings.

Two tiers of Radial Cyclones generate enough force to capture microscopic dust and allergens, while the washable filters can be reused indefinitely and won't need to be replaced.

Overview of Dyson BIGBALLMULTIFL2

Added Extras

A variety of attachments are included with the BIGBALLMULTIFL2 allowing you to tackle a range of cleaning tasks with minimal fuss. You will receive the following:

Stair Tool, This narrow brush is perfect for cleaning carpeted stairs. Velour strips either side of the brush head help to lift hair, with agitating edges to lift carpet pile.

Combination Tool, Bringing two functions together in one handy attachment, the Combination Tool features a debris nozzle for picking up dirt and a brush tool for disturbing dust.

A hygienic bin-emptying system can be found on this model, with the press of a single button, dust and dirt are released from the appliance, so there's no need to touch it. What's more, with noise reduction that's 25% quieter, Dyson has created a powerful cleaner that won't disrupt your peace and quiet.

Specifications of the Dyson BIGBALLMULTIFL2


Capacity1.5 Litres (Approx.)
Collection TypeBagless
Cord Length6.7 m
Dimensions (WxHxD)TBC cm
Weight7.5 Kg
Guarantee Period1 Year

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Versatile Features

Picks itself up when knocked over: Only Dyson Big Ball‚ cylinder vacuums pick themselves up

Hygienic bin emptying: Drives out trapped dirt, so there's no need to touch it

2 Tier Radial‚ cyclones: two tiers of cyclones generate high centrifugal forces to capture microscopic dust and allergens

New self-adjusting Pneumatic cleaner head: automatically self-adjusts to seal in suction across all floors - no need to change cleaner heads

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