Review: BT Ultra HD 4K TV Service

A Stunning UHD Live Broadcast Experience – for Football Fans At Least

Whether a dyed-in-the-wool red or white, there’s nothing quite like a full-tilt top level game of footy to set the pulses racing. With BT’s new Ultra HD broadcast coverage of the match last weekend, even those not avidly into the sport sat up and took notice.

‚ÄúWhy?” I hear you ask.

Well, the reason for this piqued interest is the vivid pictures those people equipped with suitable UHD Samsung or Sony TV received for their viewing pleasure. So vivid were the pictures that the viewer got a real sense of the visceral nature of every tackle and header happening on the pitch.

Review: BT Ultra HD 4K TV Service

BT’s Ultra HD offerings may be restricted to televised football matches at present, but these are landmark broadcasts, which essentially beat Sky to the punch. The Manchester United vs Newcastle United broadcast by BT viewed on a Samsung UE55JS9000 (what we watched it on) showcased exactly what 4K programming offers what is to come from the format in the near future. A similar experience would be had when viewed through a KD65X9305C, Sony’s similarly spec rival.

The Beauty in the Detail

We (the Simply team) sat around to watch the game and expected to see what it says on the tin ‚ÄúUltra High Definition”. What we didn’t expect to see was every furrowed brow from the both teams and almost every blade of grass on the pitch. Amazing and the best we’d ever seen from a live broadcast.

Fibre-based broadcast

Anyone wanting to watch the game would have to have a minimum of a 25Mbps connection, equating to a BT Infinity 1 or 2 fibre broadband setup. No worries about data usage in this case (phew!) as programmes are seen as part of your allowance. Thanks BT!

Is the cost of 4K justified or not?

At Simply Electricals, we embrace new technology, but not blindly. If we feel that the ends don’t justify the means, then we’ll tell you. In this instance, we have to say that right now, perhaps there isn’t enough 4K content to go around (with companies like Netflix still dragging their heels), but ultimately and eventually, an investment in 4K hardware will bear fruit.

When (and it will happen) 4K streamed content really starts to move, you’ll be blown away with what your SUHD 4K TV can do for you, if that hasn’t happened already for you since you bought it. After all, it’s what it was made for.

The Simply Verdict

It’s a little bit like waiting for Christmas day. 4K programming is still finding its feet, but it inevitably will and if the Man U vs Newcastle match was anything to go by, then the results will make it very difficult to leave your sofa, football fanatic or not.

For more information on 4K UHD viewing or for a demonstration of one of our fantastic range of 4K UHD TVs, then pop into our Bolton or Rawtenstall stores anytime and one of our friendly team can show you just how amazingly defined 4K viewing can be.

04/09/2015 Update: Since writing this article BT has now broadcast the Moto GP from Silverstone. BT have now confirmed the FA Women’s Super League games, Ruby Union and PSA Squash will be broadcast this year in Ultra HD 4K .

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