Review: Samsung UE55JS8000 SUHD TV


Samsung’s Flat Screen 4K Marvel

Those with long enough memories, will recall that back in 2011 the TV of choice was the Samsung UE55D8000. This TV won every award going that year and for good reason. At Simply Electricals, we believe that in 2011, it was the best TV on the market.

So….satisfied customers who invested in a D8000 4 years ago, may well be looking for a direct upgrade from it and we think that this upgrade comes in the form of the Samsung JS8000 4K 3D ready LED TV.

Review: Samsung UE55JS8000 SUHD TV

Flat Brilliance

There is an aspect to this model that you might not expect and that is it’s flat screen. That’s right, it doesn’t have a curved screen, but is still considered one of the best around, even amongst such exalted company as the Samsung JS9000 and JS9500.

Modern Tech

This beautiful 55″ screen has all the superb styling and great pictures that the D8000 provided, but comes with extra 2015 technology built in;

* A layer of Nano Crystal provides a much wider colour range

* SUHD technology allows processing of UHD programming for amazing images

* This year’s HDR firmware update allows this TV to receive the new High Dynamic Streaming format. Something that is set to explode in the coming months.

This TV may not have the trendy curved screen styling of the very top end Samsung models, but that may not stop it from being one of the stand-out models of 2015. Especially when you consider that it sits at a price point just under £1,800. Much less than its curved screen counterparts.

Review: Samsung UE55JS8000 SUHD TV

What else is under the hood?

The features listed above are just the tip of the iceberg, as it has rather a lot of useful tech available. Including;

A Quad Core Processor – for seamless and smooth operation of your TV Built-in Wifi – Enabling you to access catch up TV services and app stores without the need for messy wires

Built in Freeview and Freesat HD Tuners – For easy everyday viewing

UHD Upscaling/Dimming – Meaning that any programs the TV receives is intelligently optimised and upscaled to as close to UHD quality as possible, no matter what source it comes from.

It would take too long to list each and every bit of tech inside the JS8000. Suffice to say that it delivers a lot of spec for your buck.

The Simply Verdict – A special TV

Review: Samsung UE55JS8000 SUHD TV

The Samsung UE55JS8000 is a real unsung hero, coming in as it does under £1800 and with all the 4K TV goodies that you would normally expect from much more expensive models. We believe this one has the potential to be a big player in 2015/16.

To see the Samsung UE55JS8000 in the flesh (so to speak), pop in and see us in Bolton or Rawtenstall and one of our friendly experts will be more than pleased to give you a full demonstration. We’re certain you will see just what we mean.

This technology has now been replaced with Samsung Neo QLED TVs

We hope to see you soon!

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