Review: Sony KD65X8509C 4K Ultra HD TV


The Sony KD65X8509C, A solid performer

Here we cast the Simply Electricals expert eye over the Sony 65X8509C 4K HD TV and see how it stacks up against the competition in what is, a hotly-contested arena.

With a 65″ screen and the latest 5.1 version Android operating system, it promises much for around ¬£2,000. At a just above entry-level price-point, it is situated in a particularly well-populated area, so it’s up against some stiff competitors.

Review: Sony KD65X8509C 4K Ultra HD TV


Anyone coming into our Bolton or Rawtenstall stores to view this model, would see that it has a very slim outer bezel (less than a centimetre) and an impressive looking 65″ glossy black screen. So, the old adage of a good design making a TV look good, even when it’s off, stands up on this occasion. There’s nothing ostentatious about the 8509C, but it does look ‚Äútop-end” in an understated kind of way.

The stand it sits on is ‚Äúbottom-heavy” and accommodates all of the connections and the speaker system. Overall, a nice looking unit.


Using Sony’s flagship X1 processor, it produces definition that can quite rightly be called impressive, even if it is a little let down by the TV’s dimming performance. A minor niggle, that doesn’t stop it providing quality high-def pictures that prove to be a real strong point for the 8509C. It’s triluminos display offers vibrant and life-like images that make it a pleasure to watch.

4K HDR streaming round the corner

Review: Sony KD65X8509C 4K Ultra HD TV

A big selling-point of this model comes in the form of a recent announcement by Sony that they are about to send out a software update to 4K HD TV ranges that include the 8509C. This update will make it 2.0a compatible and allow High Dynamic Range streaming from platforms that currently include Netflix and Amazon. This arena is set to explode into life and the currently limited selection of streaming platforms and titles available should soon increase in a big way.

The Negatives

Whilst the 8505C is an impressive TV that will leave most with a child-like smile of wonder on the face of its viewer, it can’t quite compete with the HDR performance of the top end models. Also, the lack of a colour management system (CMS) mean that you might either have to teach yourself how to calibrate to optimum levels or get a professional to do so for you. A minor point that could make a big difference to the performance of this model.

Audio Performance

The 85059 gets a big tick in the plus column for its audio output. Good, crisp sounds are produced, even at a low level. That said, you could boost the performance considerably with the addition of speakers or a soundbar, should your budget stretch that far.

The Simply Verdict

Anyone purchasing this TV will not be let down by any of its spec or features, so long as they don’t mind an Android menu system. If you love Android, then like most Sony HD TVs, you will really get on with it. If not, you may take a little more convincing. All in all though, in terms of value for money, you get a lovely big screen and pictures worthy of the 4K HD name. Just be aware that for real top HDR performance, you may have to dig a little deeper into your pockets for a higher spec model.

To view the Sony KD65X8509C 4K HD TV in person and to receive expert advice from our friendly Simply Electricals team, pop in any time to our Bolton or Rawtenstall stores and we will more than happy to provide a full demonstration.

Bye for now. Look forward to seeing you in-store soon!

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