6 Months Free Netflix with Samsung UHD

Samsung UHD TV 6 Months Netflix Bonanza!

At Simply Electricals, we have told you all about our amazing range of Samsung TVs. We have also gone into how UHD streaming is the next big thing and how together with a Samsung UHD TV, you could get access to some top content in stunning 4K sharpness.Netflix Promotion at Simply Electricals

Well, it seems that this proposition is getting better all the time. At our Bolton and Rawtenstall stores from the 1st November, you can get a 6 month free UHD Netflix subscription when you purchase selected Samsung UHD or SUHD TVs.This offer runs right the way through Christmas, all the way to the end of January 2016. A great early xmas present for your partner or your inner movie buff.

‚ÄúI can’t get it. I’ve already got Netflix”

Don’t worry, the curse of the ‚Äúnew customers only” deal doesn’t apply to this offer, as existing customers simply get a credit on their account equal to a 6 month subscription paid up. So, no one has to miss out!

‚ÄúHow much content do I get access to?”

By taking this offer up, you not only access to the existing standard definition titles that number in the thousands, but also to the rapidly growing list of UHD movies and box sets. The number of UHD titles available will soar in the very near future and you will get to watch each and every one of them, thanks to Samsung’s great offer.

How good is UHD?

Look at a ‚Äústandard HD” TV and you will usually be viewing around horizontal 2,000 pixels. A UHD screen will have around 4,000 (hence 4K) and in theory, would be twice as good as standard HD.Image title

What else you have to factor in however, is the technology that currently exists in the Samsung range of SUHD flat and curved screen enhances the picture to become much more than the sum of its parts. This technology includes: 

Nano Crystal Technology that provides a significantly greater colour palette than even UHD, delivering breathtakingly realistic viewing.

Auto Depth Enhancer that delivers pictures that ‚Äúsuck you in”, especially when viewed on a curved screen.

Full Backlighting to bring out the enhanced colour in all its glory. A sight to behold when in full flow.

The Samsung SUHD range needs to be seen to be believed and 6 months free Netflix UHD streaming is just the ticket to really get the most out of it. 

Samsung Celebration in Colour and Sound

If you’re undecided and still need convincing, customers coming into our Bolton and Rawtenstall stores to get a ‚ÄúColour and Sound” demonstration of our Samsung SUHD TVs, can win up to ¬£1500 each week via a prize draw, just for popping in. Samsung Colour & Sound Promotion

Right now, there are many reasons to come and see one of our friendly staff to see what the buzz is about. 

We look forward to seeing you soon! 



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