Promotions: Up to £200 Free With Bosch Appliances

Up to £200 Free When You buy Selected Bosch Laundry Appliances

At this time of year, the sun is coming back to our shores and we can start to hang our laundry out to dry outside again! To help you get through that pile of washing, Simply Electricals in Rawtenstall and Bolton has a great offer on Bosch washing machines and dryers.

Right now, buy one of a selected range of Bosch laundry appliances and you can get up to ¬£200 to spend on a prepaid mastercard. That’s right, ¬£200! On a mastercard that you can use anywhere that displays the mastercard sign in the window.

Promotions: Up to £200 Free With Bosch Appliances

Energy Efficient

At Bosch, they are committed to creating the most energy efficient appliances around and they deliver some of the ‘greenest’ white goods on the market.

Not Able to Line Dry?

Not everyone has the option to line dry their clothes, but with Bosch, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Their washer-dryers and tumble dryers are some of the best around and can save you from having to hang laundry up inside the house. Something that can cause big problems like mould, particularly in the colder months. A single load of wet laundry can give off up to 4 litres of moisture into the air which has to go somewhere. Peace of mind to know that Bosch has it covered and at a fantastic price.

Compact Appliances that Pack a Punch

Bosch appliances not only wash your clothes amazingly clean, but they’re not too shabby at drying either. The perfect solution to your laundry needs in compact machines that will fit into even the most ‘snug’ kitchens or utility rooms. Ideal for those with not much room to work with.

Top Quality

Bosch has long been known for producing the highest quality appliances and the current range do everything to maintain that reputation. You get what you pay for and with this deal, you getting much more than you’re paying for.

Great Range

Featuring a great range of Bosch machines packed with features, there never has been a better time to get down to Simply Electricals. We have washing machines and washer driers to suit every need, even for bigger families that need a large drum size or a 1600 spin capability to get your clothes that bit drier.

So, for some expert advice from our knowledgeable team about this deal or anything else, pop into our Rawtenstall & Bolton branches today. We can’t wait to see you!

See all Bosch Laundry Appliances in the promotion right here.

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