Review: Samsung UE55JS8500 Curved SUHD TV


The Samsung UE55JS8500 – A Stunning Deal?

The UE55JS8500 is one of Samsung’s flagship SUHD TV range and rightly takes its place at top table of current leading edge curved screen models.

Review: Samsung UE55JS8500 Curved SUHD TV

This TV boasts an impressive array of spec and applications and offers:

  • Incredible Detail
  • Rich and full sound production
  • An intuitive and easy to use operating system
  • A ton of apps to enjoy

Nano Crystals

Critics of Samsung’s boast that Nano-Crystal Technology has raised the bar on what top-level contrast, detail and colour reproduction really means may point to the fact that the statistics quoted of 64x colour expression and 2.5x brightness are hard to quantify. Though this may be true, the experience the viewer gets has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Hard to prove for sure, but hard to deny also.

Review: Samsung UE55JS8500 Curved SUHD TV

Razor-sharp quality on content from any source leaps from the screen and engrosses the viewer. With 4K physical discs and 4K streaming emerging, the prospect of what these TVs will be able to produce when in full flow is mouth-watering to say the least.

Deep Hues

To put into perspective the reality and definition of dark picture reproduction, you should try watching your average horror film that includes lots of walking down dark corridors and lurking in shadows. Blacks come out particularly well and you’ll not be required to rewind to ‘catch’ things you missed the first time due to poor contrast.

Motion Problems Solved

DVDs played and upscaled by the JS8500 had a couple of issues regarding motion jumping, but were solved by simply switching Auto Motion settings. Images become noticeably smoothly when changed.

High Quality Freeview

The UE55JS8500’s Freeview HD tuner delivers with high def pictures worthy of the title. SD channels come out well also, but clearly not as well as the aptly named HD.


Like a good many the 2015 range Samsung has delivered, the JS8500 is a curved screen variant and this 55″ model is as stylish as any in the range. A thin ‘bezel’ design and a slim stand gives the appearance that it is effortlessly floating rather than being perched on it.

Limited Future-proofing

Review: Samsung UE55JS8500 Curved SUHD TV

The exact nature of what lays in store for the world of 4K is still unclear and the One Connect Mini Box that is included with this model doesn’t have the capacity to cope with future upgrades. The same can’t be said for the larger One Connect Box provided with higher-ranging models. The One Connect Mini Box includes 4 HDMI 2.0 ports, 2 USB inputs and a digital optical output.

No Better Time to Purchase

At £2,599, this TV offers terrific value for money. However, right now the deals available make it hard to refuse.

Combine a £200 initial price drop in price, a £250 trade in for your old TV and a total of £200 back from Sky when you sign up with them and a great price turns into a staggeringly good price for such a great TV.

Throw in a 5 year guarantee and free delivery and it’s hard to deny what a great deal it is.

For more information on the JS8500 and any advice on any of our great range of TVs, call into Simply Electricals in Rawtenstall and one of our friendly experts will be more than please to assist.

This technology has now been replaced with Samsung Neo QLED TVs

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