Promotions: Win upto £1,500 every week with Samsung

A Celebration of Colour and Sound

Promotions: Win upto £1,500 every week with Samsung

At Simply Electricals in Bolton and Rawtenstall, we often sing the praises of what’s hot in the home entertainment market at any given time. Right now, Samsung’s hot technologies are Nanocrystal colour and 360 Degree Sound. We can tell you how great they are until we’re blue in the face, but we know that the true measure is when you see it for yourself and your jaw hits your chest.

Win £1,500 every week!

Between 1st October and the end of 2015, Samsung are giving away £1,500 each and every week in their Celebration of Colour and Sound prize draw.

If you come in and experience the difference between Nanocrystal and standard Ultra High Definition and 360 degree omnidirectional sound and ‘single’ directional sound, then your name will be placed into those draws with an equal chance to pocket the cash for yourself!

Prize 1 is £1000 each week for the Colour prize


Prize 2 is £500 each week for the Audio winner

Everyone’s a winner

Whether your name is drawn out of the hat or not, we think that each person that gets to see and hear what this latest tech can do, is a winner. We also think that once you do hear it and see it for yourself, then you’ll fall in love with it like we have.

NanoCrystal technology delivers a wider range of colour and delivers true to life tones in 4 times the detail of standard HD. See your movies how the director intended you to see them.

360 Degree Sound was created by Samsung’s famous Audio Lab by bringing together the best minds in the business in one place. The result is an audio sensation that will take your breath away.

Entering is easy

Simply come in and experience your demonstration and enter your details in store or online. It’s THAT easy!

So‚Ķ.Roll up! Roll up! Come and take the Samsung Challenge! We challenge you to not be blown away by Samsung’s NanoCrystal Colour and 360 degree Audio. Don’t forget, you could win up ¬£1500 each week for your trouble!

Hope to see you soon!

Please note: To enter the Prize Draw, participants must visit a Samsung event staff member or a member of a sales team at a participating store during the Prize Draw Period, take part in the in-store Samsung Colour Challenge which involves demonstration of the product. Once completed the participant will then need to visit in order to enter their contact details into the online entry form. 

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