Tech News: Samsung Curved TV – Deeper, Wider, Clearer

Deeper, wider and clearer. This was the chant on the way home last night from the Samsung retailer roadshow in Manchester. Samsung showcased their latest and greatest television creations which included curved TV and 4K Ultra HD televisions.We have more information on Samsung’s ultra HD screens in our next blog but let’s talk more about curved led TV.

Samsung introduces a breakthrough in television viewing that we think will change the way could watch TV forever. The Samsung H8000 and HU8500 give you wider viewing angles, pure & accurate colours and a sense of depth we have never seen on any other televisions.


Let’s start off with the first curved TV mantra.


Samsung’s proprietary Auto Depth Enhancer technology, makes you feel like you are part of the action. The technology analyses different areas of the screen and then applies contrast enhancements to each of these areas to give you a fantastic depth in the picture.


Curved televisions give you a balanced and uniformed picture due to Samsung’s unique 4.2M radius curvature screen. In addition to this side angles are massively improved due to the curve and bringing the conners of the screen back towards the viewer.


On a flatscreen some of the light emitted from the screen travels past you no matter where you sit, leading to the contrast being faded on certain areas of the screen. On the H8000 & HU8500 the light naturally travels towards you which results in significantly improved contrast levels now matter where you are viewing the screen from.

Finally ambient lighting an reflections on a curved screen are reduced as the angle of the curve naturally reflects light away from your view point.

So hopefully we have given you a better insight into the new curved TV technology. The UE48H8000, UE55H8000, UE55HU8500 and UE65HU8500 are available in store now at our store in Bolton near Manchester and Rawtenstall store in Lancashire.

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