Promotions: Trade Up To The Curve & Claim Up to £300*

Amazing Samsung £300 Curved Screen Giveaway!

Promotions: Trade Up To The Curve & Claim Up to £300*

If you currently own a 32″ flat screen TV and like the sound of upgrading to one of Samsung’s superb range of curved screen UHD or SUHD marvels, then now is the time to get yourself down to Simply Electricals stores in Bolton and Rawtenstall.


Because right now, there is an amazing opportunity to receive up to £300 trade in value against any of their 2015 range listed below;

As long as your old TV has a flat screen and has at least a 32 inch screen, then this offer is open to you.

Unsurpassed Quality

You might ask yourself ‚ÄúWhy do I need a curved screen? They’re not that good are they?”.

The only way to really grasp what you get when you invest in a Samsung Curved Screen UHD or SUHD TV is to see one for yourself. Take it from us though, they are quite superb in every way;

Curved Screen technology ‘pulls’ you in for an unmatched immersive viewing experience NanoCrystal Colouring reproduces pictures that will take your breath away Samsung’s SmartHub menu interface makes for the complete convergence of social media, gaming and viewing platform

How do I Claim?

Its easy-peasy.

Step 1: Choose from our amazing range of 2015 Samsung TVs

Step 2: Trade in your old 32″ flat screen TV

Step 3: Wait 30 days* from day of purchase and enter your claim into

Step 4: Wait for your money to arrive

*You must not claim any later than day 60 or you will miss out.

For a demonstration or for more information on this fantastic offer, call in today and have a chat with one of our friendly experts today. They’re waiting to help.

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