Tech News: Siemens are ExtraKlasse

The Exclusive Siemens ExtraKlasse Range

Simply Electricals are pleased to be able to offer our customers the exclusive new Siemens ExtraKlasse range of washing machines, dishwashers and fridge-freezers.

Tech News: Siemens are ExtraKlasse

This range has been created to mark the 25th birthday of Euronics who have teamed up with Siemens to offer products of the highest standards to its customers. You won’t be able to buy these products anywhere as they are exclusively offered through a few selected retailers and they all come with a 5 year guarantee and free delivery as standard.

Siemens has long delivered high-performance products using the latest cutting-edge technology and this range lives up to that reputation.

Washing machines

Siemens make some of the best washing machines and tumble dryers available on the market today. Their ExtraKlasse range both look great and provide the user with great performance, using intelligent features that fit around your lifestyle, as standard.


This great little feature lets you change the settings of wash cycles based on whether you want to save time or energy. You can lengthen the wash cycle (ecoperfect setting) to reduce energy consumption by up to a half or if you really have to get your clothes washed and dried quickly, you can reduce the cycle time by up to 65% (speedperfect setting). It truly does fit around the way you live your life.

Quiet as a mouse

You don’t have to put up with a noisy kitchen either with a siemens washer/dryer thanks to its circular anti-vibration design. Not only that, but its ‘self-cleaning’ feature that automatically removes lint and fluff, maintains its A++ energy rating for its whole life, saving you a ton of money in energy bills.


Siemens ExtraKlasse dishwashers are designed and constructed to the highest industry standards. Intelligent features and an outstanding energy rating are backed up by a standard 5 year warranty.Easy Rackmatic loading

Loading and unloading your dishwasher just got easier thanks to the Rackmatic feature which allows the user to adjust the height of the top basket, even when it’s full of washing up!

Varioflex plus basket system

Further adjustment of the rack and basket system inside your Siemens ExtraKlasse dishwasher means you can create extra space inside for larger items. A great bit of flexibility to mould its use to your lifestyle.


Just like its washing machine counterpart, you can adjust the time settings to get your washing up clean fast. Perfect for larger families or for catering for last minute visitors.

Fridge Freezers

Extraklasse fridge freezers tick two major boxes. They both keep your food fresher for longer and they save you time and energy. What more could you ask from from your fridge freezer?

NoFrost Technology

Never again have to deal with a freezer compartment that looks like an arctic landscape. Intelligent NoFrost tech eliminates frost and ice build up by removing humidity from its compartments. Crisperbox tech uses the same humidity-minimising science to keep your fruit and veg from decomposing before you can eat it.

Multi-airflow system

Even optimised temperatures in your fridge are assisted by Siemen’s multi-flow air system. Not only will it keep your food fresh for longer, but the improved airflow cools down food entering the fridge 40% faster than a standard unit.

So, as you can see, the ExtraKlasse range is packed with time-saving and energy saving features.

Tech News: Siemens are ExtraKlasse

For a closer look at these exclusive products or friendly advice on any of our fantastic range of white goods, pop into our Rawtenstall store today. We are on hand to help in any way we can.

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