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Siemens WM12Q361GB

WM12Q361GB 8Kg 1200 Spin Washing Machine

Siemens are one of the world's best known home appliance manufacturers. The WM12Q361GB washing machine certainly lives up to their high standards. Take a look at the special features of this 8kg drum washer.

Customise your Cycle

This washing machine has an impressive number of programmes which allow you to choose the perfect cycle for the task in hand. Whether you're washing towels, mud stained clothes or delicates, you'll find an option which optimises the duration of the wash and the intensity of the spin. Choose from hand wash, reduced creasing, wool/silk, quick wash and super/extra rinse. There's even a start timer with a 24 hour delay which lets you schedule your wash for a more convenient time.

The WM12Q361GB also has several special features. The waterPerfect Plus setting conserves water during the cycle, whilst the antiVibration Design keeps the noise down and improves the machine's overall stability. The varioPerfect option lets you choose between speed and energy efficiency - ideal if you're in a rush or want to protect the environment.

Energy efficiency

Get one of the best energy ratings available with this great washing machine. Its A+++ status means it's environmentally friendly and won't consume an excessive amount of power. This is great news for your energy bill as it means lower running costs. There's even an ecoPerfect setting, for those who really want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Design and Extras

This machine is from Siemen's IQ 100 range and has a really stylish design. The door to the 8kg drum has a see through porthole window and the rest of the exterior has a smart white finish. The controls and displays are located at the top of the machine and are easy to understand and operate.

If you're after an efficient and high quality washing machine, order the WM12Q361GB today.

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