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The Sky Q Silver Box – Showcasing at Simply Electricals

At Simply Electricals in Bolton and Rawtenstall, we like to give you all the home entertainment news as it happens and we thought we’d give you the lowdown on the recently announced highest spec Sky box that is the Sky Q Silver BoxImage title

This long-awaited new platform that is going to change the way we view TV in the future. The Silver Box as it is known, delivers everything that Sky Q offers and more besides. Not only can you access 4K content on this hardware, but it also offers a ‚Äúfluid” viewing experience where you can pause a film or programme in one room and pick it up in another room, on another TV, thanks to Q Play and the new Sky App

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Q Sync also allows synchronisation of recorded content with your tablet, so you can take it with you when you leave home. A true dovetailing service that means you are never too far away from your favourite Sky box set.

UHD Ready

The 4K Ultra HD market is going to explode all over our screens in the coming months, and the content available will be handled capably by this new box as it is UHD ready. Plug it into your 4k UHD TV and sit back. It’s gonna knock your socks off!

More tuners

A bugbear for many Sky customers over the years has been the amount of tuners in both standard and HD Sky+ boxes. Record 2 live channels at the same time and you’re not able to watch a 3rd. 

This problem has been not only solved, but solved in big way. The new Sky Q Silver Box has the ability to record 4 live channels whilst you’re watching a 5th! That’s right, 5 simultaneous channels to use. This will see the Sky Q box move firmly out of the shadow of the Virgin Tivo box with it’s 3 channel capacity.

350 Hours of HD Recording

This 2 Terabyte box is more than enough for even the most ardent movie buff, as it equates to 350 hours of HD standard programming. To put that into perspective…that’s 14 and half days of constant viewing and 5 times the storage capacity of a Sky+ HD box. Better get some popcorn in!

Additional Features

The benefits of the new Sky Q range are many and varied. My Q for example, remembers what you were last watching and lets you pick it up where you left off. Its intuitive software also offers suggestions for content you might like based on your previous viewing habits.Image title

Another is the Sky Q Touch Remote, which is an innovative bluetooth device that makes using your Sky Q features simple and effortless. 

Simultaneous Viewing

The Sky Q setup allows 2 tablets or 2 Sky Q mini to view main box content simultaneously anywhere in your home. Perfect those will bigger families all vying for access to their favourite programmes and movies.Image title

For more information on Sky Q, 4K UHD TVs or anything else, pop in and speak to one of our friendly staff who will be more than delighted to help. There is much, much more to the Sky Q system that will become clear when you see it.

Hope to see you soon! 


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