Review: Sony KD65X9005B 4K Ultra HD TV Review


Finally after a long wait we have received our new Sony KD-65X9005B the successor to last years KD-65X9005A. Sony has established an early lead in the 4K Ultra HD TV market, mainly due to being first out of the starting blocks 18 months ago and also using indulging into its huge resources in 4K know how.

The question that everyone will be asking themselves can the Japanese manufacturer’s new 2014 4K UHD TV build on the last 18 months and still remain at the top of the game? Well apart from the very confusing model number from last year to this year for customers the answer is a very clear yes.

Sony KD65X9005B 4K TV Review

In the flesh it is much easier to identify which is which due to the wedge shaped design. The KD55X9005 and the KD65X9005 both have a wider chassis at the bottom than the top which is very stylish and unique. Not only does this allow for a smaller footprint and a conventional television, it allows more physical space for a better sound system. This years models like last years also include magnetic fluid speakers which blew every customer away that saw the product in store.

The picture has deep rich blacks as you would expect from a flagship television and reproduces accurate colours that even surpass last years model by far. Even the internal Freeview HD tuner on the UHD TV looks great with superb upscaling although on the 65X9005 we did see some noise around the picture when watching onboard shots from the F1 Grand Prix. There are a number of tweaks and settings that you can play around with in the menu and I’m sure after few more tweaks we could eliminate most, if not all of the noise on screen.

If there was a reason to throw out your old DVD player and collection of films then the X9005 gives you the answers. The upscaling abilities when you put a Blu-ray film on screen is amazing with deep dark inky blacks and brilliant whites. We don’t think there is any television that could rival this set for upscaling on Blu-Ray. Now to 4K content and yes it is still in short supply, but it’s coming and fast. We watched House of Cards through the 4K Netflix app, which is the first application to allow streaming of 4K content over the web.

Sony Bravia KD65X9005B 4K TV Review

Although this is never still going to be as good as native 4K content or anything like what we would expect from Sky when they launch with 4K, the colour and detail look pristine and gives and added improvement over Blu-Ray again. This set has the usual array of HDMIs, USBs and other methods to hook up your Sky, PS4 and Blu-Ray. This year the X9005B includes active 3D which is a massive jump in quality again, but we recommend coming into store for those who seriously want 3D. Smart follows through with the rest of Sony’s 2014 range, easy to use, clean and crisp on the eye.

We would say that the Sony 65X9005B & 55X9005B are both one of the best screens we have ever seen and their closest competition is Samsung. Is the X9005B a better screen than Samsung’s HU7500 or HU8500, honestly we could be here all day. Our advice would be to come down to our Bolton store near Manchester to see the 55″ or in our Rossendale store in Lancashire where we have the 65″ and decide for yourself.

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