Review: Sony KD75X9405C Android 4K Ultra HD TV

The Sony KD75X9405C – A Stunning TV?

At Simply Electricals, we know a thing or two about TVs and through our Bolton and Rawtenstall stores, we strive to offer the best advice on where to put your money to get the best possible deals. Here we look at the high end Sony KD-75X9405C model, a real giant in the 2015 television market.

Review: Sony KD75X9405C Android 4K Ultra HD TV

Despite retailing at ¬£7200, the KD75X9405C delivers on this hefty price-tag in almost every way. Offering stunningly realistic pictures and sound, superior to anything Sony produced in last years range and all this in a mammoth 75″ screen.

A ‘lot’ to impressed about

This massive screen will more than likely have to be placed in a large room to get the best out of it, but the size doesn’t detract from the overall styling. A frame that is bigger than most, is adorned by six front facing speakers, which help to deliver almost unparalleled sound production. These speakers make the most of Sony’s magnetic fluid technology and produce the sort of performance you’d expect from much bigger, space-consuming hardware.

A setup that really does provide excellence on both the picture and audio fronts.


Viewed from the side, the KD-75X9405C has a very distinct ‘wedge’ profile, making it slightly bulkier than other brands of the same size, but this ‘minor’ irritation (if you can call it that) melts away when you see and hear what the TV delivers.

Review: Sony KD75X9405C Android 4K Ultra HD TV

Review: Sony KD75X9405C Android 4K Ultra HD TV


This units has a full array of connectivity with 4 x HDMI sockets, WiFi, LAN network and USB connections allowing streamed content from various sources and has full compatibility with handheld smart devices.


The KD75X9405C runs on Google’s Android platform and operates alongside Sony’s integrated ‘Discover’ system. ‘One-flick’ technology allows the user to access the familiar Android screen, which presents all available facilities in a simple and uncluttered fashion. It also remembers recently accessed apps and features to form ‘recommendations’ to the user.

There are literally hundreds of apps out there to choose from and it may be true that there are lot of apps that aren’t worth bothering with, but there are enough ‘gems’ out there to warrant searching through the huge amount available.

Don’t worry about storage space for all your apps either, as it has 16GB of inbuilt space. More than enough for the majority of people.


As Android currently doesn’t offer any of the catch up TV services, such as iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD or Demand 5, it is no surprise that Sony have or are at least introducing the YouView system to address this shortcoming.

The Sony Discover Smart Interface

The proprietary interface from Sony sits unassumingly at the bottom of the screen and allows quick and easy navigation around the unit’s systems without engaging the Android system which takes up the whole screen. So, if the Android system isn’t for you, don’t worry. It’s not the only way to access your content.

Brass Tacks

With all of the whistles and bangs included with most smart TVs come with these days, it is easy to forget what is important….image and sound. The biggest attraction to the KD-75X9405C is exactly that. Amazing 4K picture quality backed up with jaw-dropping sound.

Triluminos technology, direct LED lighting and local dimming all go to producing dynamic, sharp and visually stunning performance through its X1 video processor.Throw in High Dynamic range and trademark precision upscaling of content from all sources and you have an absolute beast on your hands.


So, invest in over 7,000 of your hard-earned pounds and you get the following:

  • Brilliant picture quality
  • Rich sound reproduction
  • A smart platform loaded with content
  • Smart auto picture optimising
  • A TV that will amaze for years to come

The Simply Verdict

When you spend what this TV costs, you need to know that you’re getting value for money. Rest-assured that you are. In today’s market, it has just about everything you could be looking for. Sure, it has cons as well as pros, but that can be said for every model on the market today.

If you want to see this stunning model in the flesh and see exactly what we mean when we say things like ‘stunning images’, then get yourself down to Simply Electricals in Rawtenstall. One of our friendly staff will be more than happy to show you what this and other models can do.

We look forward to your visit.

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