PlayStation available on Samsung Smart TVs in 2015

PlayStation available on Samsung smart TVs in 2015

PlayStation available on Samsung Smart TVs in 2015

Hot off the press, Sony PlayStation will be available on Samsung 2015 smart televisions. You’ve been able to rent games through PlayStation Now and on selected Sony Bravia televisions in America for several months now. However this is the first time you will see the Playstation service on competitor’s products.

It doesn’t seem that Sony is afraid to partner with competitors as long as they get their PlayStation Now service in more homes. Sony says some 100+ PlayStation 3 games will be available to stream, and that the the service runs at full functionality, specially mentioning things like trophies, online multiplayer and cloud saves.

This is a big deal for both companies and has logical reasons. Samsung televisions are the first non-Sony device where Playstation Now will be available. Although Sony and Samsung are fierce revivals in the television market the South Korean company practically owns the TV landscape based on pure number of units sold.

Samsung doesn’t have its own game console and typically has relied on casual gaming titles like Angry Birds and Monopoly to bolster any built in gaming. So when we thought about it more in the office it made more sense.

PlayStation available on Samsung Smart TVs in 2015

So what about a subscription prices? We are not sure what the exact prices are going to be in the UK, however in the US there are two subscription plans: one month for $19.99, or a three-month package for $44.99 (about $15 per month).

The service launches on the January 13th 2015 in the US and it is expected to expand across to Europe / UK later in the year. Finally, you’ll need at least one Sony DualShock 4 gamepads to control the action.

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