Tech News: Sony wins Best AV Brand 2015

Sony On Top at 2015 ‚ÄúWhich?” Awards

At Simply Electricals in Bolton and Rawtenstall, we offer all the major Audio-visual brands available in the market today and there is a dazzling array to choose from. We all have our favourites, but what does the industry itself think and who is perceived to be the best this year?

Tech News: Sony wins Best AV Brand 2015

The prestigious award for ‚ÄúWhich?” best Audio-visual (AV) provider for 2015 has gone to Sony. Gaining this accolade is no mean feat when you consider they were up against Samsung, LG and Panasonic for the title. ‚ÄúWhich?” are cited as giving the award to Sony for their ‘consistent’ quality across nine different AV areas, including Blu-ray players, Televisions and soundbars.


This recognition is decided by ‚ÄúWhich?” and no one else. Brands cannot nominate themselves for the award, leaving the judging to be done by specially selected ‚ÄúWhich?” experts who perform exhaustive reviews and testing over the preceding 12 months.

Big Improvement

Last year was not a terribly good year for Sony in ‚ÄúWhich?” lab testing, but 2015 has seen them back with a bang! So much so, that almost 50% of Sony AV equipment tested was awarded a ‚ÄúBest Buy” recommendations.

Tech News: Sony wins Best AV Brand 2015

This is largely due (it is reported by ‚ÄúWhich?” themselves) to Sony actively listening to the constructive criticism given to them the year before in connection with their proprietary Triluminos technology that was seen to be producing inadequate colour precision. Fast forward 12 months and after much tweaking, the aforementioned Triluminos (now 2nd generation) delivers an awesome viewing experience.

Just goes to show how important it is to engage with your customers and listen to feedback.

There’s Always Next Year

Next year will most likely see the competition for this accolade intensify and with Samsung and LG continuing to innovate, it’ll be quite a fight.

If you would like to see how the major brands size up to each other in person, then you should get yourself down to Simply Electricals today to see for yourself.

One of our expert Audio-visual team at either our Rawtenstall or Bolton stores will be happy to demonstrate and offer advice on all things home-entertainment.

We look forward to seeing you.

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