Tech Explained: Sony X8509C / X8507C Android TV In Focus

The Crowd-Pleasing Sony X85C series

Here we look at the Sony X8507C and X8509C 4K Ultra HD Android TVs.

Tech Explained: Sony X8509C / X8507C Android TV In Focus

Both TVs have the same amazing sharp detail and vibrant colour output and are as user friendly as they come. Android software provides seamless navigation around its many innovative features.

The main differences between the X8507C and the X8509C is the colour. Both models are available in black and silver finishes, and sizes range from 55″ -65″. There is a final model, the 75″ version which is called the KD-75X8505C. The full model numbers are available at the end of this article.

Upscaled Viewing

As is the case with many of this year’s Sony range, it has upscaling software that makes the best of every content source. Whether it is from regular TV channels or a Blu-Ray disc, you are assured of a picture of 4k quality.

Fantastic Colour & Contrast

Each pixel is analysed by precision colour mapping technology, which reproduces fantastically real shades of colour for a jaw-dropping visual experience. Dynamic Contrast Enhancement adds ever more reality to your pictures by adjusting bright and dark areas to match ‘true’ levels of contrast.

Precise Sharpness

Tech Explained: Sony X8509C / X8507C Android TV In Focus

Precision Detailer Enhancer algorithms that refine the picture sharpness so much that you would swear you could reach out and touch what is on the screen.

Sounds Great

ClearAudio+ delivers quite amazing sound output, which is further enhanced when combined with 360 degree Surround sound capabilities. Music and Film soundtracks come alive and seem to come at you from all around the room. Just as with picture upscaling, audio upscaling makes the most of every audio source to produce a consistently high level of sound.

Value for Money

Tech Explained: Sony X8509C / X8507C Android TV In Focus

With the 55″ X8507C and X8509C coming in at just a shade under ¬£1800, this range of televisions packs a lot into its circuits. Full to brimming with the latest ‘must-have’ TV tech, it is sure not to disappoint. Whether a Soap addict, film buff or a social media addict, there is something for everyone’s taste.

 For a demonstration of these or any of our fantastic range of Smart TVs, pop in and have a chat with one of our friendly experts located in Simply Electricals Rawtenstall and Bolton stores today. We can’t wait to show you how versatile Smart TVs are and how they can make you see home entertainment in a completely new way.

X8305C models: KD-55X8309C, KD-65X8509C

X8307C models: KD-55X8507C, KD-65X8507C

X8505C models: KD-75X8505C

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