Sony Announces HDR 4K Ultra HD TVs

Sony Announces High Dynamic Range (HDR) Compatibility Rollout

Sony Bravia 4K TV

Simply Electricals in Rawtenstall and Bolton has always offered an extensive range of Sony visual equipment and as a result, we are always interested in news emanating from Sony HQ. So, we couldn’t wait to tell you about this exciting update.

Existing owners of Sony X91C, X90C, X85C and S85C series televisions will be delighted to hear Sony’s announcement today of their plans to bring HDR compatibility to these ranges before the end of 2015. In addition to the formerly announced X93C and X94C series models, these 4K Ultra HD models are to be made compatible via a Sony network update within the year.

What is High Dynamic Range technology?

What is HDR with Spiderman

For the uninitiated, High Dynamic Range technology (or HDR for short) reproduces a superior dynamic range of brightness levels, which in turn increases contrast levels, producing more detailed and sharper images. These enhanced contrast controls deliver more depth to colours, in particular adding extra definition to bright whites and dark or ‘true’ blacks.

Motoi Kawamura, Sony’s European General manager for TV product planning announced today:

“Sony is pleased to be expanding HDR compatibility for our 4K Ultra HD televisions. Sony has always been a leader in HDR, from our HDR-enabled professional cameras, to Sony Pictures produced and edited HDR content, to our expanded line of HDR compatible TVs. Only Sony can bring you the full HDR viewing experience from the lens to the living room.”

More Content on the way too…

Sony is proactively working with the ever-growing number of streaming video providers, such as Amazon Prime, to offer a wider selection of HDR programming, to really make the most of this leap forward in picture quality. Fantastic news if you’re considering purchasing or are already an owner of one of the aforementioned models of Sony TV.

Come and see what all the fuss is about

We can talk about technology until we’re blue in the face, but it only really comes alive when you’re sat in front of it, taking in all the vivid colours and sounds.

Pop into either of Simply Electricals Bolton or Rawtenstall stores and we can help make these technological marvels really 3-dimensional, with an informed demonstration. Our friendly experts can also suggest relevant products to further enhance your home entertainment system. Only by doing this can you be sure that your hard-earned cash is being spent wisely.

Come in and see us anytime for a chat on all things High Dynamic Range and more!

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