Tech News: The Sky Q Hub In Detail


The All New Sky Q Hub

With the announcement on the 18th of November of the groundbreaking and upcoming Sky Q platform still ringing in our ears, we at Simply Electricals thought we would delve further down into the hardware on offer with a look at Sky’s newest Broadband router, otherwise known as the Sky Q Hub.Image title

Faster, More Reliable Signal

The Sky Q Hub is a new kind of Wifi router, known in the tech world as a 5GHz AC wireless router. To the layman, it means that you get a much faster and more reliable wireless signal than ever before. Of course, the router is only one component of a home network and each client device must have the same 5GHz capability to get the full effect, but suffice to say that your home broadband signal should faster and more reliable once one has been installed.

Powerline Technology

An innovative new design feature sees the Sky Q Hub have the ability to use your home wiring (ie every wire in the walls of your house) to communicate with your sky boxes. This has 2 major effects:

  • You will enjoy faster response times between your Sky Q and Sky Q mini boxes
  • Your home network wifi coverage is made stronger as it turns your Sky Q mini boxes into Wifi hotspots

Having taken a look into forum feedback from Sky customers in the past, we’ve seen that an issue has been the quality of the wifi signal for broadband customers. Any great broadband deal can look like not such great value when you’re not able to use it when you need it. The Sky Q Hub however, looks set to remove that problem entirely with a potential of up to 3 wifi signals being transmitted by one home network through the main router and 2 mini box hotspots.


Image title

A well designed router is one that you don’t really notice doing its thing in the corner of the room. This one succeeds in this aspect, as its sleek matt and gloss black design lets it blend in subtly to its surroundings. 

The Simply Verdict

Whilst broadband routers aren’t the sexiest of devices to wax lyrical about, they do a very important job that means your home network works smoothly. Without them, no on demand content would work for your TV and you wouldn’t be able to access the internet. So, the fact that Sky Q Hub is now the preferred router on the Sky Q platform, should be mean a much better online experience for its users.

For more information on the Sky Q Hub or any of the other amazing new advancements in the upcoming launch of the Sky Q platform, pop in and see us in Bolton or Rawtenstall for an informed chat with one of our friendly experts.

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