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The Stylish and Versatile Sky Q Touch Remote

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It is not often that a remote control will get an article all to itself, but the Sky Q touch remote isn’t like other remote controls that you might have had on the arm of your sofa before. At Simply Electricals we think that this remote is so clever and intuitive, that it really helps to make the whole Sky Q experience smooth and painless.


Let’s begin with how it looks. A sleek and stylish black and silver remote that doesn’t look much like the Sky remotes we’ve come to know and love. Image titleWith a smooth black, circular touchpad dominating the top of the remote, it has a number of new additions to make the user experience more intuitive and effortless and at a very light 125g, it sits very comfortably into most palms.

Swipe Controls

Both fast forward, pause and rewind are all controlled via the touchpad that takes a light swipe with a finger in the required direction to quickly achieve the desired action. The touchpad is also used for many other actions in the same way, all of which are easy and light on the fingers.

Dedicated Buttons

We’ve all done it, pressed buttons too quickly and ended up in a menu screen we didn’t want and ended up having to ‚Äúback up” several times to get back to the beginning. Not anymore. This remote has a home button which directly takes you back to your home screen.Image title

A Sidebar button takes you straight to apps like Sky Sports News. Ideal for transfer deadline day when the football fan in your house can’t stop checking to see if their team have signed a new player.

Your Sky Button will now take you directly to your most recent recordings, taking 2 or 3 button presses out of the existing process to access the planner on current Sky+ HD boxes.

A dedicated Search button lets you search for programmes and movies by name. This doesn’t represent a huge change in searching for content when compared with the Sky+ box, but it does make it easier to find, especially for those new to the Sky TV setup.

Voice Search

An amazing facility that the Sky Q remote has (which will be available soon after launch) is the ability to search by voice through its integrated microphone. Present day home entertainment tech is really starting to seem futuristic, but it’s here and it’s here to stay!

‚ÄúYou sitting on the remote?”

That’s a question anyone who has ever owned a TV remote will have both been asked and asked themselves. Long have we wished there was a way we could somehow call the remote as if it was a mobile phone to find which chair it was buried in. That is however, now a thing of the past thanks to the Sky Q box’s helpful Q button which will make the remote beep. A very very helpful feature.

No More pointing

Another familiar sight is your friends and family contorting their body to make the remote point in the desired direction to make it work. Again, a thing of the past, as the Sky Q remote communicates with your TV and Sky Q box via bluetooth. 

This is just a selection of what this gizmo can do, but what is evident, is how much thought Sky have put into their new remote control. They seem to have really listened to their customers and have really delivered on this one.

For more information on this or any of the other components of the new Sky Q setup, pop in and see us in Bolton or Rawtenstall anytime. We have very friendly and knowledge teams in both stores who are ready and waiting to tell you all about it. 



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