Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips in Bolton

Loving Your Appliances

You’ve heard all the sales talk about the new gadgets and appliances that you should buy, but we at Simply Electricals understand that it’s just as important to keep your existing equipment in tip top condition to maximise its life.

Here are 5 tips to help you do just that.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Kitchen Appliances

Declutter your kitchen.

There is something a little sad (well, we think so) about an unused appliance. If you have a cramped or cluttered kitchen, then you may not be as tempted to only use it when absolutely have to. If you have a well maintained kitchen, with plenty of space, then that bread maker, air fryer or slow cooker that you bought with the best intentions is much more likely to get used. Love your appliances….use your appliances.

Maintain your fridge-freezer.

In order to give your fridge-freezer a chance to work as well as it can, then it must be maintained to ensure it doesn’t get frozen over. If it does get to that point, then a complete defrosting and cleaning inside is advisable. Also make sure it’s not dusty around the condenser coils at the back of your fridge freezer. A quick vacuuming of the area on a regular basis will do the job. Keeping the inside and outside of your appliance clean and tidy will help it run efficiently and extend its life.

Descale your kettle.

It’s a simple thing, but one we can all use as you will find a kettle in pretty much every household in Manchester, Lancashire and across the country . Even in ‘soft-water’ areas, every kettle will have a degree of limescale build up on its element. There is an easy and very cheap method to limescale removal. Mix together equal amounts of water and vinegar and fill the kettle with it. Leave it overnight, give it a scrub and you should see a shiny new-looking element.

Clean your cooker hood.

Perhaps we take it for granted or maybe it’s because it’s above head height for most of us, but cooker hoods and extractor fans need to be cleaned to work efficiently. Replacing filters and scrubbing the outside will suffice to keep your cooker hood firing on all cylinders.

Tip 5

The last tip is more a recommendation of an appliance for your kitchen floor, rather than for maintaining one. You can deep clean and sterilize your floor without breaking the bank or hiring professionals. Hot steam generating mops kill bacteria, make your floor look great and dry almost the moment you’ve finished.

Follow these simple steps and you will get yourself a pleasant, organised kitchen and some happy household appliances.

For more tips on a whole range of equipment, visit us in our Bolton store soon.

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