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Who We Are

Matt Tomkin, Tech Editor

I am an avid tech lover and the journey started back when LCD TVs and Plasma image burn were all too common.
Over the years I have sold technology in retail stores but more recently have been building numerous businesses all based around technology.
It’s great to be able to test new tech and provide my thoughts on a platform like this.

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About Us

Charlotte Chamberlain, Content Editor

With previous experience working for a nationwide electronics chain and being a qualified barista and avid coffee homebrewer, she’s well equipped to oversee our informational content, reviews, product recommendations and more.

Charlotte is our site content editor, merging a passion for writing with a degree in English Language and Literature together with all things tech.

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Catherine Hayes, Contributing Writer

Catherine is the mother of two in a busy household and an Operations Director. She is an enthusiast for reviewing products that help and encourage people to buy wisely. She’s a passionate and honest writer with a quirky sense of humour.

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Marcel Deer, Contributing Writer

As a qualified journalist and ‘veteran’ gamer, Marcel has loved all things tech since the halcyon days of the ‘scart lead’. When not writing about the latest tech, he’s reviewing indie video games or trying to convince his wife the TV is too small…again.