Bose – All about the brand

Bose is a well-known American audio equipment brand that most of us probably know best for its noise-cancelling headphones or sound systems.

For those that would like to learn more, we have put together this informative article with everything there is to know about Bose.

Read on to find out some interesting information about who owns the majority of the brand these days, which Bose product might surprise you the most, and whether or not you should consider buying their latest sunglasses!

Is Bose a good brand?

Bose has a reputation for being an exceptionally high-quality brand that offers an extensive range of noise-cancelling headphones, speakers, and other gadgets related to audio systems that offer impressive audio quality.

When it comes to product reviews, the brand continuously scores extremely high ratings and customer satisfaction.

The company is known for offering balanced sound quality, clarity of frequencies and a performance experience that can be described as a more immersive surround sound, impeccable bass levels, and crystal clear dialogue sound.

On top of that, their different types of headphones and speakers have impressive battery life on a single charge, providing you with a listening experience of several hours.

The brand has been around for over 50 years and takes its quality, patenting, and trademark extremely seriously.

But, Bose is not the most expensive brand on the market and therefore is still a more affordable option than competitors such as SONOS while providing better quality.

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What products does Bose make?

Bose offers a wide range of soundbars, audio systems for your home, car, or on-the-go, headphones with noise cancellation, and professional studio equipment that work with various instruments for musicians, symphony lovers, as well as booty shakers.

Here’s the full list of Bose products:

Bose Headphones


  • Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds ii
  • Bose Sport Earbuds
  • Bose Sleepbuds ii


  • SoundLink Micro, Mini, Colour, Flex & Revolve Bluetooth Speakers
  • SoundTouch 10, 20 & 30 Wireless Speaker
  • Bose (portable) Smart Speaker 500
  • Bose Smart Soundbar 300, 500, 600, 700 & 900
  • Bose Solo Soundbar Series ii
  • Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System
  • Bose TV Sound System
  • Companion 2 Series iii Multimedia System Speakers
  • Bose Bass Module 500, 700
  • Bose Surround Speaker 700
  • Wave Music System IV

Audio Sunglasses

Bose offers the newest technology of audio sunglasses that cancel out any noise or rumble around you, work with voice assistant support and enable you to listen to your favourite music or podcast without having any device in or on your ear.

Who is Bose owned by?

Surprisingly, Bose is owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), as it now owns the majority of non-voting shares that it received from founder and MIT alumni Amar Bose.

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