About Ninja

Ninja’s premium kitchen appliances make it quick and easy to prepare delicious food and drinks at home – whether you’re cooking for yourself, entertaining friends or feeding a hungry family.

Following decades of success in the USA, Ninja now enjoys global recognition with offices situated across the world and is proud to be part of JS Global, the world’s 3rd largest small household appliances-focused company – dedicated to innovation and quality.

The food you love, made easier

It’s never been easier to create your favourite dishes at home – whether you’re expert or experimental, a confident chef or kitchen newcomer. Discover powerful blenders and food processors, innovative ice cream makers, temperature control kettles, durable cookware and kitchenware, multifunctional cooking appliances including multi-cookers, grills, air fryers, mini ovens, and much more.  

Every Ninja product is engineered by their team in-house and developed to deliver speed, power and incredible results. We carry out extensive consumer testing in real homes to ensure our products and technologies solve your real-life kitchen frustrations.

Ninja gives you more

You’ll find multiple functions in every Ninja appliance – whether it’s an air fryer that also roasts and bakes, or a blender that can transform into a food processor and smoothie bowl maker. Automatic programs do the hard work for you, so there’s no guesswork – just delicious results, every time.

What will you make first?

Ninja Woodfire Electric Outdoor Oven – Reviewed

Following on from the success of the Ninja Woodfire Smoker Grill Ninja has just announced a new outdoor smoker oven that can cook Meat, Pizza, and a whole lot more. Is the Woodfire Outdoor Oven Worth it? 100%! If you love food, pizza’s and smoked meat! SQUIRREL_TEXT_12950841 We will be testing the oven when it … Read more
Ninja Woodfire Smoker Reviewed

Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill and Smoker – Reviewed

Should you buy one?  Yes, find out the best price below: First Impressions As an avid meat smoker I was really looking forward to seeing this new piece of kit from Ninja. I was a little apprehensive though as my day to day smoker is the Traeger 780 pro and I wondered how a unit … Read more