Bose Bass Module 500 Vs. 700

Are you looking to complete your living room sound system set-up? Want to create a perfectly balanced Bose ecosystem? Well, you’ll need to invest in more parts – a Bose Soundbar will not suffice. What you need is a Bose Bass Module. This is an add-on component that can truly take your beats and movie sound quality to the next level.

Bose Bass modules are subwoofers that pick up on sounds that standard surround speakers cannot. When working alongside a Bose Smart Soundbar, a Bose Bass Module can help create an atmospheric and immersive sound. However, like all pieces of Bose kit, Bose Bass Modules come in a variety of models. So, which should you choose?

In this article, we’ll be examining the company’s two top-of-the-range models. Read on as we examine Bose Bass Module 500 Vs. 700.

What is the Bass Module For?

To start this comparison article off, we must define what a Bose Bass Module actually is. Technically, both Bose Bass Module 500 and 700 are subwoofers. They are not standalone products. You cannot use a Bass Module without a Bose Smart Soundbar. They work together to create well-balanced and immersive audio.

These Soundsystem components are designed to pick up low frequencies of sound. For example, 20-200 Hz cannot be picked up and replicated by standard speakers. However, they can be by subwoofers. They are, therefore, essential if you want your home speaker system to create a more cohesive sound.

Particularly if you’re an audiophile. Subwoofers are essential in picking up the bass, as well as specific instruments like the pipe organ and kick drum. Bass Modules don’t only serve music fans, though. They can also be used to pick up on all the sound touches made to a movie that a Bose Soundbar wouldn’t be able to.

So, with a Bass Module, you can watch a movie as the director fully intended you to hear it.

Now, let’s compare Bose Bass Module 500 Vs. 700:

Overview of the Bose Bass Module 700

  • Dimensions: :32.7 cm x 29.5 cm x 29.5 cm
  • Weight: 29 pounds
  • Can be connected with: Bose Surround Speakers, Bose soundbar 300, 500, 700, and 900
  • Best Price found across the internet:

When you stand them side by side, it’s obvious that the Bose Bass Module 700 is the more premium option of the two. This is due mostly to the premium glass top that gives the Bose Bass Module a special shine.

Besides its premium design, the second most noticeable aspect of the Bose Bass Module 700 model is its bulky weight. Much bigger in scale than the 500 model, the Bose Bass Module 700 weighs nearly 30 pounds. This is heavy for any bass booster, not just ones made by Bose.

However, it’s not only the weight that’s double in size, it’s also the driver. This weighty machine is so heavy because it supports a 10-inch driver. This driver produces sound waves that you can feel as well as hear. If you don’t have any neighbours, you can switch this bass up and let it vibrate throughout your entire living room.

The sound experience created by Dolby Digital-boosted Module 700 transports you to whichever movie or Netflix show you’re watching. For example, a rainforest scene will feel as though it’s taking place in your living room. Similarly, playing a live album through these speakers will teleport you to the concert.

Overall, the Bose Bass Module 700 stands as a perfect example of Bose’s craftsmanship. It can support both Dolby Digital and DTS. With this, you’re guaranteed the very best in modern music technology.

Bose Bass Module 700, Black
  • Dimensions: :32.7 cm x 29.5 cm x 29.5 cm
  • Weight: 29 pounds
  • Can be connected with: Bose Surround Speakers, Bose soundbar 300, 500, 700, and 900

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Overview of the Bose Bass Module 500

Released at the same time as the Bose Bass Module 700, the 500 model was offered as a cheaper and more compact alternative. However, don’t let its smaller size deceive you. The Bose Bass Module 500 is more than capable of producing thunderous bass tones.

Generally, these Bass tones are carried well across all music genres. Whether you’re looking to embolden the bass guitar in a Red Hot Chili Peppers song or if you’ve got a penchant for drum and bass, the Bose Bass Module 500 can deliver. The bass tone comes down to the 5-and-a-quarter-inch driver. This ensures all bass notes are crisp and powerful.

One appealing aspect of the Bose Bass Module 500 is that it’s almost a complete cube. Although its sides aren’t technically the same length, it does carry the look of a perfect cube. This small and neat scale allows you to fit it almost anywhere in your room. Obviously, being smaller, it’s a better option that the Bass Module 500 if you’re short on space.

It does not feature a glass top, but its design remains as elegant as the Bose Module 700. With a matt black finish on top of solid black plastic, it definitely carries a premium style. Not one for catching fingerprints, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the Boss Bass Module 500 too often!

Setting this speaker up is a walk in the park, too. With a 9-metre connectivity range, you can place it anywhere in your room and connect it to your Soundbar with ease.

Well worth the money
Bose Bass Module 500

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What are the Similarities Between Bose Bass Module 500 and 700?

To successfully carry out this Bose Bass Module 500 vs. 700 comparison, it’s important to highlight what makes them similar. To break it down for you, here are the main similarities between the Bose Bass Module 500 and the Bose Bass Module 700:

Dolby Digital

The Bose Bass Module 500 and the Bose Bass Module 700 both feature Dolby Digital sound. This ensures that both models produce cinema-standard audio.


Both can be controlled by the universal remote control as well as the Bose Music app. This means that whichever model you pick, you can integrate it with how you control your Bose Soundbar and other Bose devices.


It doesn’t matter which Bose Bass Module you pick, as both can be connected with any model from the Bose Soundbar range. This includes the Bose Soundbars 300, 500, 700, and 900.

Wireless range

Both models enjoy the same wireless range. If you like to have your audio equipment spread around your room, you can with both of these excellent bass boosters. The 700 and the 500 offer 9 metres worth of connectivity.

Fast Wi-Fi Connection

Wi-Fi connection time is guaranteed to be instant with both these models. A fast connection is offered by both models, for WiFi as well as Bluetooth.


These models come with a one-year guarantee from Bose.

What is the Difference Between Bose Bass Module 500 and 700?

Now, to get to the nitty-gritty. Here are the main factors that set the Bose Bass Module 500 apart from the Bose Bass Module 700.


The Bose Bass Module 700 is nearly twice the size of the Bose Bass Module 500. Meaning it takes up a lot more room. Apart from that, the size jump doesn’t have any real limitations. The 700 comes with bigger parts, which increases its size.


It’s a different story when it comes to the weight of the two models. The Bose Bass Module 700 weighs nearly three times as much as the 500. This is a significant leap in weight. Whether this serves as a limitation or a benefit for the 700 is debatable.

On one hand, the 700 is obviously more difficult to move around. On the other, this weight ensures sturdiness and adds to the overall durability of the model. It’s also worth noting that a lot of the weight comes down to the glass top on the 700 along with the increased performance.


Even though both these Bose Bass Modules have spent a few years on the market, their price gap remains pretty much the same. Currently, the Bose Bass Module 700 is over £350, at full RRP, more than the Bose Bass Module 500. So, you’ve really got to ask yourself, how much should you invest?

Audiophiles that want to get the most out of music should opt for the 700 model. On the other hand, those who simply want to create a more immersive sound for their Bose TV speaker should go for the 500.


When it comes to hooking up your bass booster, you have more connectivity options with the Bose Bass 700. For example, you can connect to the 700 models via either an HDMI cable or a Digital Optical Cable. On the other hand, you can only connect a Bose Bass Module 500 via an HDMI cable.


The Bose Bass Module 700 has a more diverse range of features. This includes QuietPort Technology which helps keep distortion and port turbulence to a minimum. The Bose Bass Module 700 is also the only one to feature DTS, which assists with audio compression. These, in addition to the 700’s longer driver, ensure this model produces the best sound quality.

Regarding design features, the very cool style award has to go to the Bose Bass Module 700. Not only does it feature a glass top, but it also has a more solid and sturdy build. The 700 is also available in two colours – black and arctic white. The 500 is only available in black.


Both the Bose Bass Module 500 and the 700 feature two buttons. However, these two buttons operate differently on each device. On the Bose Bass 500, one button connects the Module to other Bose devices. The other is for turning the microphone assistant off.

The Bose Bass Module 700, on the other hand, has a button for activating voice assistant. The second button is also for muting the mic. So, one button function is similar while the other is different.


How many watts does the Bose Bass Module 700 have?

The maximum output power of the Bose Bass Module 700 is ‎800 Watts. This figure is more than the Bose Bass Module 500. This maximum output power is only an estimate.

How many watts does the Bose Bass Module 500 feature?

The Bose Bass Module 500 features 500 watts. This is less than the Bose Bass Module 700, which boasts 800 watts. Bose doesn’t normally state the total wattage of a product, so these are only estimates.

Final Thoughts

Many aspects make these two Bose devices similar. They can connect to all Bose Soundbars. They offer a long wireless range. Plus, they both feature Dolby and are compatible with Bose’s universal remote control.

At the same time, there’s a lot that makes them different. The Bose Bass Module 700 is a lot bigger – and much heavier, too! It boasts more features and, understandably, is sold at a much higher price.

It’s no surprise that the Bose Bass Module 700 is the best option of the two. It can produce more profound audio effects with the help of QuietPort and DTS. It also has a longer driver, which ensures that each beat is crystal clear.

However, it is priced too high for casual music fans. If you simply want to complete your Bose set-up but don’t want to fork out for it, go with the Bose Bass 500.

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