The Belling company has been providing its customers with forward thinking designs to make life much easier when you’re at home.

Belling has supplied 4 generations of family with household appliances such as cookers, fridges and washing machines.

They have thrived on being the best throughout their lifetime and have shown a great deal of dedication towards; their products being of great quality; always having an array of choices; that they’re reliable and that their service is unmatched. 

Belling has always strived to provide all sorts of different products in a multitude of styles and tastes to guarantee that “there’s a Belling for you”.

All the products that are manufactured through Belling have all been built and made right here in the United Kingdom. 

The award for Total Excellence Quality Customer Care has been given to Belling 3-years in a row. This shows their vast amount of dedication to providing first class customer service.

Belling’s call centre has 120 staff members waiting for your call, with 190 trained and qualified engineers at the ready to ensure that any problems you do unlikely encounter they can be rapidly dealt with. 

Belling has been around for just over a century. Even with 100 years of Belling products being produced there is still no slowing down. In fact they are speeding up.

Belling is producing new innovative products all the time and for future projects they are focusing highly on energy efficiency with the aim that all their new products will have the highest energy rating whilst still working just as well.

Is Belling a good brand?

Belling has over 100 years of experience when it comes to producing quality products, installing them and also their customer service.

The service to their customers has been awarded on multiple occasions proving they are outstanding and excellent in all the things they offer. 

What products do Belling make?

Belling makes household appliances to make sure your home duties are made easier and more efficient leaving you with time to spare so you can enjoy more of the things you’d rather be doing when at home. 

They offer products such as laundry machines, cooling appliances, cooking equipment and dishwashers.

All of these products are all of a certain high standard and are designed in different ways to ensure anyones styles and tastes are well and truly matched. 

Who is Belling owned by?

After 82 years of business, Belling was put into receivership in an attempt to avoid bankruptcy.

In doing so the Belling company was bought by Glen Dimplex, allowing them to join a group of other household brands such as Dimple and Morphy Richards. 

Is Belling a British make?

Belling was first founded in 1912 by Charles Reginald Belling in Enfield, UK. Ever since then they have always produced and manufactured their products right here in the UK and have always been proud of this fact.