Do Air Fryers Use a Lot of Electricity?

Do you have an air fryer at home and leave it plugged in? Not to worry, even though air fryers are counted as one of a larger range of electrical appliances, they do not use a high amount of electricity due to them not being in constant use. 

However, it is recommended not to leave your air fryer plugged in.  

Many modernised air fryers have now been fitted with an energy-saving setting, such as the new Ninja air fryer. Air fryers do not use as much electricity as an oven and also cook your food at a much faster rate. 

Are air fryers energy efficient?

Yes, air fryers are energy efficient – this is due to how fast they work, using only minimal amounts of energy.

Even though air fryers are classed as one of the bigger appliances, they are more energy efficient than most appliances. An air fryer works by blowing out extremely hot air, and a heating mechanism and powerful fan are installed on the top section of it. Food will be placed in a fryer-style basket directly below the top section of the device.

Air fryers have a reputation for being an alternative to convection ovens and deep fryers, due to them being more eco-friendly. A benefit of using an air fryer is that you do not have to preheat it as you would an oven, and your food will be done in a matter of minutes. 

Can air fryers save you money?

Air fryers can save you money in numerous circumstances, such as the price of electricity and the cost of the appliance itself, whilst also giving you the benefits of cooking your food fast. They are very convenient in the sense of being easy to use and quick. 

Air fryers save you money due to the fact that they use less energy than an oven because it cooks your food at higher speeds. Research has proven that air fryers are one of many few electrical appliances that save you both time and money.

How much electricity do air fryers use?

The average air fryer uses between 1,400 and 1,700 watts of electricity. The energy consumption of an air fryer depends on what kind of model you own and what wattage the air fryer is. The amount of energy used in an air fryer also depends on how long and how often you use the air fryer.

On the market, there is now an option to buy a low wattage air fryer which consumes less electricity than a normal wattage air fryer. Air fryers do not use a lot of electricity if we are comparing them to microwaves and ovens, however, this all varies from the model of your air fryer to how long you use it. 

An average air fryer runs on 1600 watts, while this number starts from 2000 W in most ovens. 

Do air fryers use less energy than ovens?

Research has proven that air fryers use less energy than ovens. Air fryers do not need preheating like an oven does, therefore they take less time to finish cooking your food. 

Not only this, but an oven is much larger in size than what an air fryer is. Many people use air fryers as a worktop appliance.

Due to an oven being larger, this also means that it will consume more energy. The wattage used in an oven is significantly larger than the wattage on an air fryer, starting from 2000W soaring to a massive 6000W, whilst an air fryer can start from around 800W to approximately 1600W. 

Most energy efficient air fryers

Many modernised air fryers are now one of the most energy efficient appliances on the market. Studies show that in the past two years, air fryers have increased massively on the market, with an increased interest and surging sales. 

One of the most energy efficient air fryers is the Russel Hobbs 26510. This air fryer is known as the ‘energy saving air fryer’, includes 7 different functions and also has a range of options with size capacity. 

This air fryer is faster than previous Russell Hobbs air fryer models, and 78% faster than a conventional oven, saving up to 48% energy compared to a conventional oven.

Another energy efficient air fryer on the market at the moment is the Baridi 3.5L Low Fat Air Fryer.

This air fryer is energy efficient due to how rapidly it cooks your food. This is created by rapid air circulation powered by 1300 watts which allows for quick, delicious fried food.

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