Vacuum Cleaner Hacks you Need to Know

Vacuum Cleaner Hacks

From working to enjoying your social life, cleaning the house is the last thing you want to be doing, but it has to be done.  These hacks may help you to save time on the cleaning duties around the house and decrease the amount of effort it takes to clean. Making a vacuum cleaner suction … Read more

How to Clean a Microwave: Top Tips

How to Clean A Mircowave

We’ll help guide you through how to clean your microwave easily and efficiently without the need of elbow grease, ensuring your microwave will smell fresh and look brand new once again. We’ll show you the best products to use and give recommendations on less harmful, more eco-friendly products which will help maintain, protect and improve … Read more

How to Clean an Induction Hob

How to clean and induction hob

We’ll guide you through how to effectively clean an induction hob, without using any harmful chemicals that may potentially affect the lifespan and efficiency of your induction hob. We will advise how to protect and maintain your hob using less harmful chemicals and how using the correct pans whilst operating can avoid scratches, marking and … Read more

Guide to looking after – Condenser Tumble Dryers

Cleaning Tips for your Condenser Dryer We’ll guide you through how to clean your Condenser Dryer effortlessly and efficiently, using less harmful products and materials which are better for your dryer and the environment.  Our tips will help keep your dryer in immaculate condition, paying attention to filters, condenser box and the water tank will … Read more