Guide to looking after – Condenser Tumble Dryers


How to look after your Condenser Dryer

So you’ve just bought yourself a new dryer, why not extend its lifespan by following these tips from Simply.

Water Tank – One of the main features of the condenser tumble dryer is the water tank. The tank collects the water from your dryer and should be emptied after each use. On most models the tank is located on the lefthand side of the dryer and should easily to pull out.

When pulling the water tank out please ensure that you use both hands so that you do not spill the water or damage the tank itself. The water can then be poured either down the drain or onto your plants which in summer is a great way to conserve water.

Once the tank is empty simply slot it back into the machine, making sure it is fully closed and you are ready to go. Please take care when emptying the tank to ensure you have let the dryer cool to avoid any water burns.

Filter – Filters is fitted in all dryers and is designed to catch any lint or fluff from your clothes, trap it so it does not damage the dryer or clothes.

The filter is normally located between the door and the drum. It is easily lifted out and can then be cleaned by simply wiping it with your hand or a soft cloth.

The filter should ideally be emptied each time the dryer is used. This will not only protect your clothes, it improves drying efficiency and prevent dryer fires.

Condenser – Sometimes confused with the filter the condenser it the part of the dry that condensers the water from the dryer.

It is often located behind a removable panel at the bottom of the dryer. To clean simply remove the panel and unlock the condenser. Now that the condenser has been removed from the dryer run it under a tap or shower head to clean any fluff or debris from the unit.

Once you have removed all of the debris from the condenser leave it to dry fully before putting it back into the dryer. Some dryers may require you to wipe down the inside of the condenser compartment with a damp cloth before the condenser can be refitted.

Please remember to allow to dryer to cool fully before removing the condenser to avoid injury. Regular cleaning the condenser of you machine can help to improve drying but also prevent dryer fires.

We hope you found this guide useful. If you have anymore questions on any type of dryers and how to maintain them please contact a member of our team:

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