You may have noticed an HDMI ARC port on your soundbar or TV recently and wondered what it’s for. This is a common feature of most new TVs and is a really useful tool for home entertainment systems. HDMI ARC reduces the number of cables you need to use for your TV and sound systems … Read more

What Does HDR Stand For

 HDR is a term that we always see around when buying TVs, but what do these three letters mean? The concept of HDR baffles some, and they probably own an HDR TV! HDR has an amazing effect on picture quality, allowing you to enjoy your favourite streaming services, making it clear and changing your viewing … Read more

Can a Coffee Machine be Recycled?

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The Different Parts of an Espresso Machine

Tech Explained: The Different Parts of an Espresso Machine

Espresso machines are the aeroplane cockpit of coffee machines – they have so many buttons and toggles which do so many things and to the untrained eye, it can become confusing.  With this guide, we’ll run through each part of an espresso machine, their names and what their purpose is (and whether you actually need … Read more