Cleaning a flatscreen TV – What you should do

Here at Simply Electricals, we enjoy providing insightful information on how to care for your appliances and love to provide helpful cleaning methods for ease and protection. We have been asked numerous times, “How to clean your flat screen”? We thought we would put together this useful guide of the do’s and dont’s to care for … Read more

3 Best Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

Best Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

Sebo has been producing top-quality vacuum cleaners since 1978. They are built to last with fantastic functionalities to assist with your cleaning routine. We will run through our top 3 choices for the best Sebo Vacuum Cleaners, helping you to narrow down your options and purchase the right Sebo vacuum for your requirements.  At Simply … Read more

Shark vs Dyson: Which Vacuum Cleaner is Best?

Dyson Vs Shark: Which is better?

Shark and Dyson are two of the most popular brands in the UK for vacuum cleaners. Admittedly, they are both excellent vacuum cleaners which can be purchased corded or uncorded, depending on personal preference.  Shark and Dyson are powerful vacuum cleaners and immensely versatile; both include an array of attachments, making cleaning less of a … Read more

How To Unlock AEG Induction Hob

Why Has My Induction Hob Locked? AEG induction hobs can lock for several reasons. It could be due to a system malfunction or a problem with the power or circuit. But in most cases, it is because you have accidentally turned on one of the settings. The child safety device and child lock will cause … Read more