Which Sebo Vacuum Should you Buy?

Sebo vacuums are robust and engineered to withstand anything. They are stylishly sophisticated and made to last, hence the 5-year guarantee on all Sebo models.

Choosing the right vacuum for your home to suit your needs is essential. As Sebo products are all of a very high standard, it’s practically impossible not to want to buy them all.

When deciding which Sebo Vacuum is right for you, look at what you require in a vacuum. If you have pets, you will most likely be looking for a vacuum with very good suction and excellent manoeuvrability to reach places where pet hair usually likes to hide away.  

If you have any disabilities, you may be looking for a lightweight vacuum with various accessories to assist with cleaning, helping to reduce the amount of bending and lifting.

The Sebo Airbelt is lightweight and has excellent manoeuvrability – this is ideal for someone with lifting issues as this model only weighs 5.3kg, not much heavier than a bag of potatoes.

Are Sebo vacuums good?

Good is an understatement for Sebo vacuums!

Fantastic springs to mind; affordable, hardwearing and stylish would better explain Sebo vacuums. Some of Sebo’s newer models have some excellent features like S-Class Filtration, which is the method used to separate debris and dust from the airflow cleaning clean air. 

The Felix Pet has a swivel neck feature, making cleaning around and under furniture a dream with no awkward lifting and adjusting; just simply turn the handle and the machine glides with you. 

The lay-to-floor feature helps to get right underneath furniture without needing multiple attachments or pulling furniture out. Sebo really considered the customer when designing this model, making this completely user-friendly and relieving the hassle when vacuuming.

Consider the Sebo guarantee

Sebo offers a very generous five-year warranty on all their vacuums, which speaks volumes. You can count on Sebo to make vacuums that are long-lasting, and offering this guarantee gives reassurance that Sebo vacuums will have a long lifespan.

Sebo’s guarantee is only effective if the registration is completed within 30 days of purchase. This guarantee is only applied for domestic use, commercial use vacuums have a 1-year warranty.

The different Sebo vacuum ranges

There are many different ranges of Sebo vacuum:

  • Upright
  • Cylinder
  • New-to-be-launched cordless

Sebo is renowned for their ingenuity and has engineered a wide range of vacuums. They specialise predominantly in the upright vacuum and have absolutely nailed the feature of manoeuvrability with the Felix model. 

The cylinder vacuums are lightweight and great for stairs and have outstanding suction power and filtration. This vacuum is made for households with pets.

The Felix Pet is a fantastic model – the feature of the swivel neck makes cleaning a breeze, and the lay-to-floor feature means no more pulling out furniture to clean underneath. The consideration of the customer was highly thought of when designing the Felix Pet. 

I’ve put together a guide of the best 3 Sebo vacuums which might be helpful further when choosing the right vacuum for your home. 

Which Sebo model is best?

The Sebo X7 Automatic is by far the best Sebo model for pet hair and dust. The best model will depend on your household’s needs; a busy home with children and pets will need a robust good suction vacuum, whereas a home only occupying a small family may not require such a powerful vacuum. 

An elderly person or someone with disabilities may be looking for a lightweight vacuum to ease the burden of vacuuming. The X7 is slightly heavy, so it could be hard lifting upstairs and might not be suited to someone who would struggle to lift, but it does come with an array of attachments to alleviate the lifting. 

The Sebo X7 is stylish, robust and made to last. It has 890W power and weighs 7.4kg. The high-performance motor and efficient airflow design combined gives outstanding cleaning results. This vacuum has a 5.3L bag capacity, meaning there is plenty of space and no need to empty it after every use. 

Sebo upright vacuums

The Sebo upright vacuums are powerful, hardwearing and made to withstand just about anything. Most newer models have a computer-controlled system that optimises the performance, ensuring the brushes are at the correct height to protect the machine from being blocked. 

The vacuum will shut down if there is a blockage, rather than sucking it up and potentially damaging your vacuum, an excellent feature by Sebo.

There is a large selection of upright models in the Sebo range; some have been designed to be best for pets and are fantastic for pet hair. Sebo also has a selection of upright models for commercial use. These are built like a tank and would be ideal for offices or even cleaning companies.

The Sebo BS360 is a heavy-duty eco-commercial vacuum cleaner with a built-in computer-controlled system like the Sebo X7.

Sebo cylinder vacuums

Sebo cylinder vacuum cleaners are lightweight, extremely easy to use and ideal for stairs. They have a generous 3L bag capacity, taking the stress out of replacing bags and of course, the cost to replace them. 

The Sebo Airbelt K1 Komfort has a filter bag change indicator which is very beneficial as we know remembering to check this isn’t always top on the agenda when we have a hundred other things to do when you have just finished vacuuming. 

This is a mighty powerful vacuum cleaner with an 890W suction motor like the Sebo X7, but this cylinder vacuum isn’t as heavy but by far as powerful.

Sebo pet vacuums

The Sebo X7 and the Felix Pet are outstanding vacuums for pet households. They are both perfect vacuums for pet hair collection and great for dust too. 

SEBO 91540GB Automatic Pet ePower
£514.90 £449.25

 Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 890 W, Black/Silver

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/18/2024 12:01 pm GMT

I believe the Felix pet, after extensive research and the owner of this model, is better for manoeuvrability. The swivel neck feature is useful, helps glide around furniture and carpets, and is super powerful.

SEBO 91540GB Automatic Pet ePower
£514.90 £449.25

 Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 890 W, Black/Silver

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/18/2024 12:01 pm GMT

This is fantastic on hardwood flooring and also comes with a Kombi and Parque power head for delicate floors and carpets. It can be assembled quickly and protects your floor from damage that can occur when vacuuming.

Pros and cons of Sebo vacuums

The pros are definitely the value for money. As these vacuum cleaners are engineered to last; you pay that bit extra, but “you get what you pay for” as the saying goes. 

Sebo vacuums are also robust and can withstand just about anything. The computer-controlled system on the newer models is a great pro; it automatically identifies objects whilst vacuuming and switching the vacuum off, instead of just sucking this up and potentially damaging your machine. Great feature!

The Manoeuvrability on some models is outstanding, with its new function of the swivel neck, making cleaning a breeze with this vacuum cleaner.

The Sebo model, the Airbelt, is a cylinder vacuum and is lightweight in comparison to the upright models. It is as powerful as the upright vacuum and requires less storage space and is great for stairs too. These cylinder vacuums would be ideal for the elderly or someone who struggles to lift as these are lightweight and very easy to use around your home.

The cons with some Sebo vacuums are the weight. As these are built to last, the upright models are slightly heavier than other vacuum cleaners.

Storage could also become an issue if you only have a small home.

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