SEBO 90810GB Felix Pet ePower Upright Vacuum Review

Sebo Felix Hoover Review

Well, I certainly feel like I’ve won the jackpot purchasing this Sebo Hoover. The Felix model has fantastic functionalities and is certainly worth every penny. Outstanding results on cleaning pet hair. 

Sebo is keeping to their values of “performance for dog-owning households”. My house has never felt so clean! Completely hair free!

It’s extremely easy to set-up, use and maintain. Overall, this is a fantastic hoover that just keeps surprising me with performance

Overall Rating: 
4/5 stars






  • Simple set-up process

  • Fantastic performance

  • Lightweight

  • Adjustable handle

  • Works great on hard floors

  • Excellent manoeuvrability

  • Superb attachments, especially the upholstery nozzle


  • Corded

  • Price

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The Sebo Felix is a corded vacuum cleaner. I personally do prefer the cordless one, just for ease. When you want to quickly run around with the hoover before someone is calling, it always feels easier with a cordless, but you don’t necessarily get the same results for your efforts. 

Being a pet owner, I needed a hoover that could withstand constant use and be hard-wearing but also stylish, I think I found my match!

The Sebo hoover is slightly heavier than a cordless vacuum – the Sebo Felix pet weighs just under 7kg which is light enough to lift, as there is little lifting to do whilst hoovering. This Hoover glides over the carpets very smoothly; it actually feels lightweight whilst in operation.

Design and Features of the Sebo Felix Pet Hoover

  • Kombi/Parquet – The added bonus of the Sebo Kombi and Parquet are a fantastic addition to the Sebo. They are equipped with a swivel neck, offering a full range of manoeuvrability, helping to get to hard to reach areas.

  • Brush height selection – The electronic brush control monitors the status of the brush – this communicates the status through the lights at the power head.

  • Extendable handle – This is an excellent feature. The handle catch is located next to the filter cover and is easily accessible and designed really well to make it comfortable to adjust whilst standing. 

This feature enables the height of the handle to be adjusted; you could even rope the children in now to hoover with no excuses.

  • Upholstery Nozzle – This attachment is an impressive feature for the Sebo, small enough to get into the awkward areas on your sofa and the right size to glide down cushions. 

This is frequently used in my household, with a busy family and pets, it’s the most used attachment from the array.

How to remove a Sebo Hoover bag

To remove a Sebo hoover bag, first ensure your machine is switched off and unplugged.

  1. Open the cover for the hoover bag, located at the top of your Sebo.

  2. Lift the bag fully out; either empty or recycle depending on your bag type.

  3. Insert the new hoover bag ensuring this is correctly in the housing unit.

  4. Replace the cover to the housing unit – this cover will only close if the bag is correctly positioned.

Sebo’s 5-year guarantee is only valid when genuine bags have been used. Please ensure you use the correct bags. For the Sebo Felix pet, the correct bag product reference is 7029er.

Sebo Hoover bag

How to Change Sebo Felix Hoover Filters 

Changing the motor protection filter on the felix model is really well designed to make the process easy.

Ensure the Sebo hoover is unplugged before dismantling. 

  1. Open the cover for the hoover bag, located at the top of your Sebo

  2. Lift out the bag fully

  3. Grab the handle of the filter and lift out (located underneath the hoover bag)

  4. Use the handle on the new filter to glide back into the Sebo 

  5. Replace the hoover bag

  6. Push the filter cover back down firmly till you hear a click

All done and ready to use!

It’s recommended that you change the filter when it is dirty or at the latest every 20 filter bags. 

The exhaust filter is the protective cover around your machine – this filter cleans the air before it emitted from the hoover. This should last around 3 years or be replaced every 2 motor protection filters.

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How to set up Sebo Felix Hoover

The set-up of the Sebo felix was extremely easy, I never even had to refer to the manual.

  • Attach the power head to the main unit, lower it in to it clicks into place.

  • Push the black end of the hose into the connection at the filter cover until it clicks into place.

  • Finally, insert the hose into the suction opening at the base of the machine and press the hose into place.

  • Push the hose into the carry handle at the side of the machine.

  • There is a swivel hook and a fixed hook to store the 9.5 metre cable when not in use.

The Sebo has an arrangement of different attachments, helping to assist with chores easily. These attachments are extremely well designed, every attachment serves a purpose for the household, no raffy attachments that I wouldn’t know how to use, that would get left in the cupboard!

1 x SEBO Kombi Floor Head 

1 x Stair & Upholstery Turbo Brush 

1 x Crevice Nozzle

 1 x Upholstery Nozzle

Sebo Machine Description

How to use Sebo Felix Hoover

Before you start operating your machine, check the on/off switch is turned off before you plug into a socket (this is located at the handle of your machine). Use the handle catch to adjust the height to the required size. 

Now you can start the machine moving the on/off to the desired power needed.  Press the foot petal on the rear of the power head and lower the machine to the angled position. The brush motor will now activate. 

Leaving the machine in the upright position whilst on will cause damage to the machine; always use the foot pedal and lower your machine.

The hose handle can be lifted from the side of the hoover, maintaining a grasp on the machine as this could tip if the hose is pulled too far. 

The hose should be used with an attachment – there are a wide range of attachments that can be used to help make chores effortless; for example sofas, mattresses and cushions are really easily cleaned using the right attachment.

Functions of Sebo Felix Hoover

The Sebo Felix is designed to be suitable for types, making this one of most used appliances in most homes. The Sebo can glide along hard surfaces and can also be used on pile rugs, carpets and laminate, making this by far one of my best functions. 

This has an automatic cut out should anything get trapped in the brushes, eliminating blockages and contributing to a healthy lifespan for your machine.

To clean delicate surfaces, the Parquet power head is designed with airflow technology to tackle large volumes of pet hair and dust – this has a removable front brush to assist with coverage and suction allowing the airflow to pick up flour, cereal and fine particles without moving this around the surface. 

The parquet tool is designed for hardwood use; it’s not designed for carpet use. For best results, use the Sebo combi head or powerhead Sebo ET-1.

The benefit of the Parque tool is the manoeuvrability, the angle in which it turns is fantastic for use under chairs, tables and sofas. The wheel’s are coated by a rubber material so they are not going to scratch or mark a floor.

Specifications of the SEBO Felix Pet Hoover


Onyx Black/Silver

 Filter bag Volume 

3.5 litres

 Filter bag change indication 


 Overheating protection 


 Body weight 


 Activated carbon odour filtration 


 Floor Suitability 



 Pet hair


 Cut pile carpet


 Wool loop carpet

Yes, with Sebo combi fitted

 Stair & upholstery 




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How does the SEBO Felix Pet Hoover compare against other brands?

The Sebo felix pet hoover has outstanding capabilities; it glides through different floor types and works exceptionally well on upholstery. The Sebo is made in Germany, it was founded 1978 and is renowned for its outstanding performance.  

Sebo machines are constructed from high quality materials which is reflected on the Sebo Felix model.

After always being a Sebo owner, I was converted from Sebo a few years ago and moved over to a Dyson Cordless Vacuum. I was feeling the need for something different; a cordless always feels a little quicker whilst cleaning as there is no need to plug in, they feel somewhat lighter and less of a big job!

Dyson was founded by James Dyson in 1991 and is well known for invention and improvement. Dyson invented the world’s first bagless hoover; this took 5 years and 5,127 prototypes. 

Most of Dyson’s research, design and development is conducted in their headquarters in Malmesbury and also has headquarters in Singapore. Dyson employs over 14,000 people and is present in over 8 countries.

After owning the Dyson machine for 3 years, I’ve reverted back to a Sebo hoover and feel like “I let Sebo down” by being swayed to the Dyson! The Dyson V8 isn’t as robust as the Sebo Felix, this easily became damaged frequently. 

The appeal of the cordless soon became insignificant, when it constantly needed charging. I felt that the Dyson wasn’t a powerful enough machine to cope with my busy household and I realised that a stronger, more reliable machine was needed.

Let’s compare…..

Sebo Felix Pet 

Dyson V8 

Hoover type 


Cordless handstick model

Cost *




5 years

2 Years

Money back guarantee 

30 days

35 days 

Bin/Bag volume






*This was based on the manufacturers price in November 2022

I have outlined a few specifications above to help you understand the difference in both these machines. The Dyson is lightweight with a smaller bin capacity of 0.54L unlike the Sebo with a capacity of 3.L. The Sebo machine has a bag filtration while the Dyson V8 is bagless saving money on replacement bag filters. 

The filters on the Sebo will need replacing also, usually after 20 filter bag changes. This also can be expensive compared to Dyson which has a washable filtration system. 

The battery on the Dyson is only guaranteed for 2 years and Dyson will replace your battery if this depletes. Having used Dyson customer service for a replacement battery, I can honestly say they were very accommodating and a replacement battery was sent out immediately. 

Offering a 2 year warranty is very attractive when choosing a hoover, but not as attractive as the 5 year guarantee with the Sebo. This gives reassurance that you are buying a brand that is committed to the quality of their product.

Other models of the Sebo 

The Sebo is forever evolving after making their first ever commercial hoover in 1978, and they tackled the retail market in 1991 with the Sebo Automatic X1 upright. 

This machine introduced sensor controlled brush height adjustments, which still remains unique to Sebo.

All Sebo vacuum cleaners are of anti allergy design and first hoover to be endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation.

Sebo are committed to quality; the newest top of the range model the Sebo ePower X7 Pet is a remarkable machine. Built for a busy household with a bag capacity of 5.3 litres, you can certainly clean for longer with this.  

As this is a bag machine, when full, you can simply just replace it with new. The Sebo X models are renowned for excellent performance and results. The X7 model will leave your floors spotless, with the extra addition of the boost button feature for a deeper clean. 

The X7 model has computer control height adjustment to ensure optimum performance on all floor types and surfaces. The X7 hoover lays flat to the floor to assist with cleaning under furniture. Built in S-Class filtration to capture more dust and dirt, leaving your home clean from top to bottom.

This model is slightly more expensive than the Sebo Felix but has extra features and functionalities to justify the increase in price. This is priced at £389, so not that much of a difference! Definitely worth the extra couple of pounds for better results.

I’m doubting myself for not buying this model now, I was wooed by the stylish design of the Felix model and my budget of £350. The Felix model really does look the part and achieves great results, just not as fantastic as the Sebo ePower X7 pet.  

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A quick overview of the SEBO Felix Pet Hoover

I gave the Sebo Felix a 5 star rating based on style, functionality and performance. This machine was within my budget and is proving to be a fantastic hoover. 

I’m extremely happy with my purchase and will always remain faithful to Sebo and never be swayed again. Excellent value for money and really please I’ve found my way back to a brand that is constantly evolving and fully committed to quality.

FAQs about the SEBO Felix Pet Hoover

Why buy a Sebo Felix Pet Hoover?

Sebo Felix Pet offers fantastic results for your home. It’s lightweight to carry, powerful on performance and affordable. 

Sebo is renowned for quality and this is demonstrated on the Sebo Felix. Mobility is outstanding, it glides along different floor types and it’s flexible and agile and extremely stylish.

Can you put Sebo Hoover bags in the recycling bin?

The fleece type filter bags on a Sebo hoover are not recyclable and should be disposed of as general waste.

The paper bags can be recycled, dispose of the plastic element separately by removing this from the paper bag.

Sebo does not recommend washing a filter bag as if any moisture got into either of the 2 motors, this could damage your machine. They advise to use the ultra bags reference 7029er for Felix and Dart models; these are priced at £12.70 for a box of 8 plus carriage. 

Sebo’s 5-year guarantee is only valid when genuine bags have been used.

Is a Sebo Hoover worth the money? 

The brand Sebo is renowned for quality, performance and invention; their products are designed to last and withstand a busy household. The price is competitive but definitely worth it, you pay for what you get!  

My first Sebo lasted 15 years. It’s the longest a hoover has ever lasted in my home. I’m hoping to get the equivalent from Sebo Felix, these machines are built to last, hence my review title “The Rolls Royce of Hoovers”.

Is a Sebo Hoover good for pets?

The Sebo Felix pet is a fantastic hoover for picking up pet hair; the suction power is excellent for collecting large amounts of pet hair. The handy upholstery nozzle is amazing on sofas and cushions, where pet hair can accumulate. 

The Parque power head is outstanding on hard surfaces, collecting pet hair and dust easily. The swivel neck helps to get to those hard to reach areas and is great for under sofas. The filter bag can hold up to 3.5 litres a great size capacity for a busy household with furry friends.

The Sebo Felix can pick up pet hair in one sweep, whilst some vacuum cleaners tend to blow the hair around before eventually hoovering it up.

The Sebo fresh fragrance capsules work wonders on pet odours; my house isn’t just spotless now, it smells pet free as well. 

Where to buy Sebo Felix Pet Hoovers?

There are many stockists of the Sebo Hoovers. Whilst searching for the best price, I found that Amazon was by far the cheapest to purchase this from, even compared to Sebo direct from the manufacturer. 

Currys are offering in-store collections for those who just can’t wait for delivery. John Lewis stock a wide variety of Sebo hoovers, including the Felix and also the filter bags and replacement rollers, just a little pricey!

Is Sebo better than Dyson?

My personal preference is the Sebo. After previously owning a Dyson, I found the Dyson just wasn’t powerful enough or hard wearing. It also struggled with suction on hardwood floors and the mobility wasn’t as good as the Sebo. 

The Dyson has a bagless filtration whilst the Sebo is a bagged machine. This could work out costly if you are not used to a bagged machine; the bag capacity on the Sebo is 3.5 litres, which would take a long time to fill.

The Dyson is lightweight compared to the Sebo, which is fantastic if you have any disabilities or struggle lifting. The Sebo is built to last, it feels bigger, more powerful and the performance is outstanding.

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