Conti CC100 Commercial Coffee Machine Review

This is a great value for money coffee machine. This coffee machine is efficient and eco-friendly, which performs to a high standard producing a variety of different barista-style coffees with just a press of a few buttons.

The Conti CC100 Coffee Machine is incredible value for money and features exceptional build quality and consistent espresso extraction.

Eco mode reducing power consumptionCan be a little noisy 
Different configuration of cups can be used Temperature fluctuations 
Five keys which are easy to follow
Incredible value for money 
Easy to clean and maintain


The Conti CC100 provides the greatest level of simplicity of the Conti range, delivering consistent espresso in a well-built compact chassis.  

This coffee machine is aesthetically pleasing, including stainless steel panels which are available in three different colours: white, red and black. This coffee machine is designed to squeeze into tight spaces whilst operating at speedy standards, creating delicious-tasting coffee to pleasurably enjoy. 

The Conti CC100 is the ideal coffee machine for those who drink coffee a lot. Statistically, 40% of the world’s population consumes coffee every day. Coffee is the most popular drink worldwide with around two billion cups consumed per day.

Design and Features of the Conti CC100 Coffee Machine

  • The three colour choices make this coffee machine aesthetically pleasing. The colours available are red, white and black. The stainless steel panels make this coffee machine look great in any kind of environment, varying from cafés to the kitchen in your home.

    This coffee machine in a café would create a profitable income and a range of different style barista-style coffees for all to enjoy.
  • If one style of coffee isn’t enough, then the Conti CC100 has other choices such as Americano, Cappuccinos, Latte, Espresso and Flat Whites.
  • As well as the other things the Conti CC100 has to offer, it also has an eco-mode setting. This setting is beneficial in the evening or before a long period of inactivity as the economic mode of the machine allows the standby position to kick in.

    When the setting is put in place, the boiler is maintained at a temperature of 60 degrees, meaning that the setpoint temperature is low. This phase mobilises little energy and reduces power consumption by a large amount, which not only saves electricity for yourself but is also better for the environment. 
  • Adjustable temperature setting using P.I.D. This ensures thermal stability and pre-infusion options to fine-tune espresso extract. This is one of the key settings the Conti CC100 has to offer as many people like their coffees in a variety of different temperatures.
  • The machine is equipped with 5 coffee keys per coffee group:
    1 short cup, 2 short cups, 1 long cup, 2 long cups, and continuous touch.

The five keys on the Conti CC100 are defined as followed:

Please find below a labelled diagram of the different sections of the Conti CC100:

The Perfect Espresso:

There are four main key elements to produce the perfect espresso, which the Conti CC100 provides: the ideal dose, optimal pressure, precise temperature and powerful steam.

The freshness of the coffee beans is crucial to create the perfect espresso extraction. The machine should also be cleaned daily and accurately adjusted. Cleaning the machine daily also guarantees a longer life span.

The coffee this machine provides will leave a pleasant taste and round aroma body feeling. 

How to clean a Conti CC100 coffee machine

If the steps are followed correctly, the Conti CC100 is easy to clean and maintain. I have outlined below step by step:

  • Remove the filter holder from the group and clean the seal with the supplied brush.
  • Insert the blind filter (provided with the machine) in the filter holder.
  • Put a detergent tablet (CONTI have their own brand) in the blind filter, and engage the filter-holder in the group.
  • Keep pressing the key ‘P5Gr1’, then press the key ‘P1Gr1’.
  • The cleaning process starts automatically with some ON/OFF cycles. The purpose is to dissolve the tablet and release the cleaning agent on the coffee group circuit and on the coffee valve.

Daily maintenance of the Conti CC100 Coffee Machine

Maintenance of the Conti CC100 coffee machine should be followed daily:

– Remove filter holders and clean with a brush.

– Clean the hot water outlet with a scouring pad.

– Clean the steam outlet with a scouring pad in order to keep the nozzle unblocked.

– Clean the drain grating and basin.

– Clean the sprinkler with the dummy filter. Insert the dummy filter in a filter holder, lock it into position and simultaneously press the key 5 (continuous flow) and 1 (1 shot espresso) in order to start the automatic cleaning cycles. 

How to set up the Conti CC100 Coffee Machine

Before setting up your Conti CC100, familiarise yourself with the machine and the different keys. When buying your Conti CC100, your machine is automatically set up for you, with no language features you have to mess around with.

This coffee machine requires minimal effort to set up. I would recommend giving the machine and the excess parts a clean before use and reading through the manual.  

How to use a Conti CC100 Coffee Machine

The Conti CC100 has been designed to extract espresso at high speeds whilst still being easy to clean and maintain. There are 5 different keys to use which determine how strong your coffee is and what style of coffee fulfils your craving.

If you struggle to come around in the morning, then the Conti CC100 is the perfect Coffee Machine for you!

The five keys consist of: 

  • Key number 1= 1 cup espresso 
  • Key number 2= 2 cup espresso
  • Key number 3= 1 cup coffee
  • Key number 4= 2 cup coffee
  • Key number 5=  flow continuous 

Specifications of the Conti CC100 Coffee Machine

Power (amp) 30 
Steam arms2
Boiler capacity 11 litres 
Coffee Machine uses Coffee beans and Coffee grounds 
Warranty12 months
ColourRed, black or white
Type Automatic

How does the Conti CC100 Coffee Machine compare against other brands?

The Conti CC100 coffee machine is an amazing coffee machine which provides a range of different barista style coffees at different strengths and temperatures. Not only this, but the Conti CC100 has an eco-mode setting which is beneficial in quiet periods of time or when the coffee machine is not in use. 

The Conti CC100 is known as the ‘all-rounder’ because it meets everybody’s needs. This coffee machine is classy, striking and versatile. The machine finds itself at home in any environment. 

There is a wide selection of barista-style coffee machines on the market at the moment with them all competing with one another and some coming in at ridiculous prices.

I have decided to compare the Conti CC100 to a newer version of a Conti brand coffee machine. Also known as ‘MC Ultima’, this coffee machine differentiates from the Conti CC100 by firstly being a whopping £900 more! This Coffee Machine has a customisation setting as well as a redefined internal layout. 

The MC Ultima is an evolution of all ‘Conti coffee machines’, with a sharpened, more efficient design and enhanced ergonomics. The ‘MC ultima’ has many new additional features, such as: Customisable Standby Mode, ‘Infinite Actuate’ steam Lever and a 42% Larger Cup Warmer.

Whilst this Coffee Machine sounds like a dream, the price tag it holds is a different story!

Other models in the Conti coffee machine range

Conti has made a range of different coffee machines over the years. Each new coffee machine has a new sleek style and becomes more modern each time, whilst inspiring a new way of living. 

The ‘ACE’ Coffee Machine created by Conti is the smallest of the machines they have designed and created, as well as being the cheapest. However, the ‘ACE’ Coffee Machine does not compare to the ‘Conti CC100’ as it does not have as much of a variety of coffees and is not able to perform to such a high standard as the ‘Conti CC100’ does. 

Let’s compare these two coffee machines… 

Conti CC100ACE
Price £2000£1150
Coffee usesCoffee beans/groundsCoffee beans 
Steam boiler capacity 18L0.9l 
Temperature controlYesNo

A quick overview of the Conti CC100

I gave the Conti CC100 a rating of 4⁄5 due to its additional features and the selection of coffee it provides. This is an excellent coffee machine and a great value for money –  not only this, but it is one of the easiest coffee machines to clean and maintain. The amazing thing about this coffee machine is the fact you can have an espresso in a matter of seconds with the touch of a button. 

The ‘Conti CC100’ would have had a 5-star rating from me if the cleaning manual was a bit easier to follow. 

FAQs about the Conti CC100 Coffee Machine

Why buy a Conti CC100? 

You should purchase a Conti CC100 for excellent-tasting coffee to pleasurably enjoy. Struggle in the morning? The Conti CC100 is for you. Easy to operate and a wide variety of barista-style coffee.  

Can the Conti CC100 be used in a home? 

The Conti CC100 fits well into any environment, due to it being able to squeeze into small spaces whilst still looking the part. Many buyers use the Conti CC100 for business purposes creating profitable income whilst still providing delicious coffee, whilst other users enjoy the Conti CC100 in the comfort of their own home.

Is the Conti CC100 a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine?

The Conti CC100 is a Bean to Cup commercial coffee machine that produces an array of excellent quality coffee at the touch of a button. 

It is easy to clean and maintain and can also be used in the home. Overall, a fantastic, affordable coffee machine that delivers results every time.

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