Is QLED Bad for your Health?

There is always media hysteria when it comes to TV being bad for you, from your own mother telling you your eyes will go square to the news saying blue light is cancerous. 

Well, here we’ll just tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

What is QLED?

QLED is a type of TV that uses quantum dots to emit light onto your screen, allowing you to watch and play whatever you want to. 

Using a backlight, the quantum dots are illuminated which then project the colours.

Is QLED bad for your health?

Quantum dots are nanoparticles which are designed to be hit by one colour and emit another, also known as fluorescence. 

During production, heavy metals like cadmium are used which is a health and environmental hazard. Engineered nanoparticles are raising concerns to toxicologists, especially after they have been found to be carcinogenic to humans. 

This being said, nanoparticles are still being studied and our knowledge is still developing on the subject.

Is QLED bad for your eyes?

QLED produces no strains to your eyes by using HDR, High Dynamic Range. 

This is because QLED TVs produce a brightness level, through HDR, of about HDR 1500 to HDR 2000, which is how bright the outside world is when recorded. 

Should I be worried about getting a QLED TV?

When getting a QLED TV, there is no reason to worry. The quantum dots won’t cause massive deals of problems long term, and there will be no strain on your eyes whatsoever. 

Is it worth getting QLED?

If you are wanting an LCD style TV, then it is definitely worth it to get QLED as they are very high quality and also can provide smart options like watching Netflix and Disney + applications, right on the TV.

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I am an avid tech lover and the journey started back when LCD TVs and Plasma image burn were all too common. Over the years I have sold technology in retail stores but more recently have been building numerous businesses all based around technology. It's great to be able to test new tech and provide my thoughts on a platform like this.