Minipresso vs Nanopresso Espresso Makers

The Wacaco range has recently shocked the market with the new, innovative ‘portable espresso makers.’ However, a lot of people question the difference in the range they provide. 

In this blog, we will help you to understand the differences between the Minipresso and Nanopresso portable espresso makers, giving you an insight into the features and functions of Wacaco and what stands out the most with both Espresso makers.

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Who are Wacaco?

Wacaco is a startup company based in Hong Kong. They are a brand that produces handheld espresso makers and accessories, and provide sustainable coffee products for coffee enthusiasts, where people can enjoy delicious tasting espresso on the go. 

The company is known for their new Minipresso portable maker, which is the first piston-powered handheld device which creates a mouth-watering espresso; a popular beverage enjoyed by many.  

What is the Wacaco Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker?

The Wacaco Minipresso portable espresso maker is a new hand-held device on the market which produces one shot of espresso from a few pumps of a piston. This device is the first piston-powered device which leaves you with a delicious-tasting espresso and a thick layer of crema in a matter of seconds. 

This maker is an easy-to-use and portable appliance; it is also extremely durable and excellent value for money. The Wacaco Minipresso is great for those who love coffee wherever they may be. 

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What is the Wacaco Nanopresso Espresso Maker?

The Wacaco Nanopresso Espresso maker is another handheld device which Wacaco has recently released – this device is also piston-powered. However, it requires 15% less force to pump compared to the Minipresso. 

This espresso maker differs when compared to the Minipresso as it works best with all varieties of ground coffee. It is easy to operate and easy to prepare your favourite coffee, fantastic for on-the-go and great for people who love barista-quality coffee but simply don’t have the space at home for a coffee machine.

What is the difference between the Minipresso and Nanopresso Espresso Makers?

Other than the price tag, you may wonder what the difference actually is between the Minipresso and the Nanopresso. 

The Nanopresso weighs significantly less than the Minipresso. As well as this, the Nanopresso has a greater water capacity and pressure. 

Let’s compare the two together:

18 bar pressure8 bar pressure
Requires boiling water Requires boiling water 
80ml water capacity 70ml water capacity 
Ground coffee and can also use NS capsules Pods only
RRP £70RRP £50 
Hand pump extraction Hand pump extraction 
Other colours availableOnly available in black 

Which is better: Minipresso or Nanopresso?

In my opinion, I think that choosing between the Nanopresso or the Minipresso really depends on the style of coffee you like to use. The Minipresso gets the thumbs up for being the least expensive of the two espresso makers. It’s only a slight price difference, but every penny counts if you’re on a budget. 

Both espresso makers require boiling water and don’t automatically boil the water within the device. They are equally sophisticated and compact, small enough to store in a cupboard without taking up any space. 

However, I think choosing between the two also relies on how often you will use this device and if you prefer a longer coffee. If you are someone who enjoys espresso on a regular basis, then the Nanopresso is the ideal device for you as it has a greater water capacity, which makes these perfect for drinks like espresso martinis.

The Minipresso, on the other hand, also does the same job as the Nanopresso but with smaller components, so it is easier to manage and clean. For a person who prefers pod-style coffees, this is my perfect choice. It’s sleek, quick and easy to use and even small enough to put in a pocket at a push.

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