New Energy Ratings for the UK in 2021


What Leaving the EU Means For Domestic Appliance Energy Ratings So, we’ve finally left the European Union and it’s going to mean a lot of far-reaching changes to the way that businesses operate. One thing that is currently in the process of changing is the way that kitchen appliances are rated in terms of energy … Read more

What is LG QNED Micro LED TV Technology?


LG is the South Korean TV manufacturer with a motto that reads ‘Life’s Good’ and it certainly is when you have one of their cutting edge products in your living room. The company has been around since the late 1950s and remains one of the most successful in the home entertainment sphere. Just as Sony … Read more

LG QNED Vs Samsung Neo QLED

At Simply Electricals, we are keen to bring you all the latest news about new and emerging home entertainment tech and the industry rarely ever stands still. Whether it’s a brand new soundbar or a sound system that offers the most immersive audio ever – there’s always something in the pipeline. Two of the biggest … Read more