What is Samsung’s PQI Technology?


What does PQI mean? The picture quality index (or PQI for short) is a rating system that allows us to differentiate between Samsung’s 2015 and 2016 superb range of TVs. Whilst we know that any Samsung TV will provide you with a stunning picture, there are, of course, differing levels of quality within the range. … Read more

Tech Explained: What is Samsung’s Nano Crystal?


What is Samsung’s Nano Crystal Technology? A buzzword in the home entertainment industry in 2015 is Nano Crystal technology. This advancement in colour reproduction has reset the bar in what to expect from a TV and sets itself apart from its competitors in this regard. More Visible Colours At Simply Electricals in Bolton and Rawtenstall, … Read more

What is Samsung QLED Ambient Mode?


As the half way point of 2018 is almost upon us, all the major manufacturers of home entertainment equipment have long since launched their key lines of hardware and all the features that come with them. In the months since CES 2018, retailers and customers alike have had a chance to really get to know … Read more

Samsung One Near Invisible QLED TV Cable Explained


Samsung’s One Near-Invisible Cable – Making Messy Wires a Thing of the Past We’ve all experienced it – you buy a nice shiny new TV and you either can’t put it exactly where you want to because of the wires and the setup of your living room. What options do you have? a) put your … Read more

What does Samsung PQI mean


___TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW__ If you’ve looked into buying a new Samsung TV in the last few years, you’ll most likely have come across the term PQI, which is short for Picture Quality Index. But what does PQI mean and how does it relate to Hz, the standard used by other manufacturers? Whilst it’s not headline news that … Read more

What Exactly is Samsung Neo QLED?


Hello and welcome to another Simply Electricals blog. We like to be as helpful as we possibly can to the tech-buying public and as we’re into a brand new year, we’re here to tell you about some brand new Samsung TV technology. The Samsung Neo QLED is one of the South Korean manufacturer’s innovations for … Read more

LG QNED Vs Samsung Neo QLED

At Simply Electricals, we are keen to bring you all the latest news about new and emerging home entertainment tech and the industry rarely ever stands still. Whether it’s a brand new soundbar or a sound system that offers the most immersive audio ever – there’s always something in the pipeline. Two of the biggest … Read more