New Energy Ratings for the UK in 2021

New 2021 UK Energy Ratings

What Leaving the EU Means For Domestic Appliance Energy Ratings

So, we’ve finally left the European Union and it’s going to mean a lot of far-reaching changes to the way that businesses operate. One thing that is currently in the process of changing is the way that kitchen appliances are rated in terms of energy and water consumptions.

There have been a lot of technological advancements in appliances in recent years and so it was felt that the A++ rating system wasn’t accurate enough. In fact 80% of washing machines are either A++ or A+++, which obviously doesn’t provide much clarity to the customer.

The new labels that will carry the Union Jack, rather than the EU flag and will bear an A-G system that will look very similar, but will offer much more precise information about the appliance in question. So let’s dig into the details.

The New Energy Rating System

So, as we mentioned, the new system rates appliances from A-G, with the most energy-efficient types usually being given a B rating. However, it’s important to mention here that even if a dishwasher or fridge-freezer gets an E or and F rating, it’s still an energy efficient product. Also, each appliance is also given an A-D noise rating.

It’s a system that comes into full force on March 21st 2021, until which time, both the old and the new energy rating stickers will be included in each box. There are a few changes to how each type of appliance is being rated too.

Energy Ratings 2021 Explanation Card

Let’s break down what you can expect to see.

Washing Machine energy ratings are now worked out per 100 cycles rather than per annum, with water consumption being measured by the cycle. Also shown is the duration of a full load and the appliance’s maximum capacity for the now mandatory Eco 40-60 program. Washer dryers carry a very similar label, with washer energy rating shown on the left and the washer/dryer data on the right. Eco 40-60 capacity is also shown. Fridge freezer labels now carry information about energy consumption, net volume, volume of compartments and additional built-in technologies. Wine cooler labels will show energy information, as well as a new wine cooler pictogram.

All labels will feature a QR code that allows consumers to scan it and access detailed information about the energy rating of the appliance they’ve purchased. Also, any appliances that predate November 2020 will no longer be legal to sell.

New Year, Same Great Advice

Some of the changes we’ve mentioned are due to Brexit, but on the whole, they’re designed to make the decision process much easier for people when buying appliances. With all of this new accurate information so easily accessible, consumers can make better informed decisions based on the eco-friendliness of the appliance in question.

At Simply Electricals, we’re fully behind anything that makes it easier for our customer to get the quality appliances that make life so much easier. Just keep this information in mind, so that you know exactly what you’re looking at when you see the new labels.

That’s it from the Simply Electricals team for today. We’ll be back soon with more content that’s full of helpful hints, tips and advice. Make sure you check in with us regularly so you don’t miss out!

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