The Best Nespresso Coffee Machines

Nespresso machines will give you and your kitchen a boost thanks to the stylish design and great tasting coffee. 

Keep reading to find out which Nespresso machines we think are worth the money. 

About Nespresso coffee machines

Nespresso produces high quality coffee machines, integrated with unique brewing technologies to create great tasting cups of coffee every time.  

Nespresso also has smart technology featured in their Vertuo range of products, in which a barcode is scanned to establish what kind of coffee can be made with that specific pod, ideal for those who love the taste of certain coffees. 

Their machines are also beautifully designed, making them a great visual addition to any home. 

What is the difference between Nespresso and Nespresso Vertuo?

The classic range of Nespresso machines were created to offer an ultra-convenient way of producing single-serve coffees such as a ristretto, espresso or lungo from a sealed pod. 

Nespresso released their Vertuo line in 2014 which was designed to appeal to a North American market, where larger coffees are over preferred to shorter ones. 

As we’ve mentioned, the Vertuo line uses special barcoded pods and a unique extraction system to produce five drink sizes, from a single espresso to a 415ml coffee. 

Other differences include:

Milk frothing 

None of the Vertuo models come with built-in milk frothers, whereas a few of the original Nespresso models offer built-in frothers.

The smaller and more affordable machines are only for espresso, but you can bundle them with Nespresso’s Aeroccino milk frother. 

The capsules 

The original line has a far bigger selection of Nespresso coffee capsules to choose from compared to the Vertuo. As the patent of these cups has expired, you can find a lot of third-party sellers who sell pods suitable for use in original Nespresso machines. 

The Vertuo capsules are only available through the Nespresso brand itself as they require a barcode to be recognised by the Vertuo machine. This means that the choice is limited, and you might have a harder time finding what you want. 

Extraction method 

These two systems use very different extraction methods. The original machines use a pressure based system, in which the capsules are punctured and hot water is forced in at up to 19 bars of pressure until the bottom is burst and the espresso emerges.

The Vertuo line uses a spinning system, which Nespresso have termed as “centrifusion”. Hot water is pumped into the capsule, which is then spun at 7000 rpm to infuse the hot water before it reaches your cup.

Which type of Nespresso coffee machine do I need?

The wants and needs you require from a coffee machine will determine which type of Nespresso machine you choose.

If you prefer a basic, no frills coffee machine, then opting for an original Nespresso machine may be the best choice for you. Nespresso offers a great variety of the original machines, which come at a reasonable price and can be used with a wide selection of coffee capsules. 

If you much prefer a taller drink with milk, such as Lattes, then the Vertuo will be your best bet. The use of special barcoded pods are perfect for making brewing simple, and the centrifusion extraction method produces a much thicker crema. 

Are Nespresso coffee machines easy to operate?

Yes, Nespresso machines are incredibly easy to operate. The machines Nespresso creates are perfect for those who aren’t too interested in learning the skills it takes to use espresso machines, and simply want great tasting coffee in the comfort of their own home. 

You can get delicious, barista-style coffee at a simple touch of a button. The machines are made to be simple and easy-to-use at cost effective, competitive prices.  

Do Nespresso coffee machines grind coffee beans?

No, Nespresso machines do not grind coffee beans. Their machines are exclusively made for coffee capsules.

Can you use ground coffee in Nespresso coffee machines?

Whilst you can’t use ground coffee like you can in an espresso machine, you can use refillable capsules and use your own ground coffee in the original Nespresso machines. 

However, you should be aware that the grind size of your own coffee may affect the taste and outcome of your drink. 

Pros and cons of Nespresso coffee machines

The best way to determine if a Nespresso machine is right for you is by weighing up the pros and cons. 


The biggest advantage of Nespresso is that the machines are incredibly convenient. Nespresso machines take out all the guesswork when it comes to brewing an espresso. All you need to do is pop in the capsule, press the button and wait for your coffee to be brewed. 


Another huge advantage of Nespresso machines is the wide variety of hot drinks you can try. With Nespresso, you can pick up a sampler of their different flavours and then determine which flavours and blends you like best. 

Nespresso pods are also packaged in a way so that the coffee does not go stale. They are packaged with nitrogen, which prevents any oxygen entering the capsule. 


Although we have mentioned that Nespresso machines are cost-effective for what you get, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t on the pricier side. 

If you don’t want to constantly be drinking espresso, you may be better off choosing from the Vertuo line which will cost you more for the machine and the pods. 

Plus, if you want a milk frother from Nespresso too, the Aeroccino will cost you extra. 

Environmental impact 

Every cup of coffee from Nespresso machines will result in discarded coffee pods. Nespresso pods are made from aluminium, so they can be recycled by sending them back to Nespresso. 

However, if you throw a waste bin, that’s a lot of extra material in landfills that could be avoided. 

The best Nespresso coffee machines

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus XN903840 Coffee Machine by Krups produces exceptional coffee, with over 30 varieties of coffee to choose from, including iced and flavoured. This machine takes around 40 seconds to heat up, and features an electrical opening and closing for your convenience. 

A common downside with the Vertuo machines is that the pods can be on the pricey side, so if you can find refillable pods suitable for the Vertuo, this may save you money in the long run. 

Nespresso’s Vertuo Pop Coffee Pod Machine by Krups is one of the more compact machines from the Vertuo range with a compact water tank to match. This smart machine allows you to connect your phone to it using WiFi and Bluetooth for real time updates and descaling alerts. 

It also comes in a variety of different colours, perfect for matching the aesthetic of your kitchen. 

A common gripe many users have is that it does not produce hot enough coffee, but this can be easily fixed with milk based coffees by adding hot milk. 

The Nespresso CitiZ 11315 Coffee Machine by Magimix is a compact and user friendly machine, which has been praised for its compact design. The 19 bar performance pump offers barista standard coffee everytime by perfectly extracting the flavours and aromas of each coffee capsule. 

Again, as this in an original Nespresso machine, it does only provide espresso and lungo shots. If you want a milky coffee, you may have to consider purchasing a milk frother to go alongside.

Nespresso’s De’Longhi Lattissima Capsule Coffee Machine has a patented system to prepare milky coffees, such as lattes and cappuccinos. It also has a built-in milk frother, meaning all the hard work is done for you. Each drink you make can also be memorised and personalised by varying the quantity of milk and coffee. 

However, one downside to this machine is that the pods are dispensed into a container which doesn’t drain, leaving your pods sitting in water until you clean them away.

Nespresso’s Creatista Plus Coffee Machine by Sage is a capsule coffee machine with a milk steam wand that creates perfectly textured milk, essential for latte art. The intuitive digital display will also guide you through several coffee recipes and allow you to customise them. 

However, as with any manual element to a coffee machine, using the steam wand may take a bit of practice before you nail it.

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