What Does HDR Stand For

 HDR is a term that we always see around when buying TVs, but what do these three letters mean? The concept of HDR baffles some, and they probably own an HDR TV! HDR has an amazing effect on picture quality, allowing you to enjoy your favourite streaming services, making it clear and changing your viewing … Read more

A Buyer’s Guide to Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

A Buyer's Guide to Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Bean-to-cup coffee machines can deliver barista-quality coffee from your own kitchen. For some people, coffee is the only way to start their day, not just because of the caffeine, but also the aromatic and bitter flavours that can be equally important as a stimulus.  Coffee shops are busy places, as any high street will prove. … Read more

Best Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Best Christmas guide for coffee lovers

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of options out there to choose from.  No matter how the coffee lovers in your life enjoy their coffee, we’ve rounded up the best gifts to give them this Christmas.  What is a … Read more

SEBO 90810GB Felix Pet ePower Upright Vacuum Review

Sebo Felix Hoover Review

Sebo Felix Hoover Review Well, I certainly feel like I’ve won the jackpot purchasing this Sebo Hoover. The Felix model has fantastic functionalities and is certainly worth every penny. Outstanding results on cleaning pet hair.  Sebo is keeping to their values of “performance for dog-owning households”. My house has never felt so clean! Completely hair … Read more

Bose TV Soundbar – Should You Buy?

Sometimes your TV speaker just won’t cut it when you want the best home entertainment experience. This is why soundbars are all the rage nowadays, Bose has been fully aware of this. Here’s a look at the Bose TV Soundbar and whether or not you should get one for yourself. About The Bose TV Soundbar … Read more

Should you Rent, Lease or Buy a Commercial Coffee Machine?

Should you Rent, Lease or Buy a Commercial Coffee Machine?

Whether you’re looking into getting a brand new commercial coffee machine, or you’re planning on finding the best deal for your coffee shop, many people are surprised to find the number of options open to them. If you are unsure whether to buy, rent or lease a commercial coffee machine, keep reading this guide to … Read more