How To Unlock Beko Induction Hob

If you’ve found yourself in a predicament where your Beko Induction Hob has become locked, then you might be wondering what to do next.

In this piece, we will discuss the reasons why it could have locked and how you can go about unlocking it.

Why Has My Induction Hob Locked?

A hob may lock for a number of reasons. You may find that it’s one burner or the whole cooktop. A hob may lock due to an automatic element in the induction system, or it may be due to an electrical issue.

Induction stoves have a child lock mode, and sometimes this causes them to lock. If there is a substance leakage on the board or keyboard, then it may cause the touchscreen recognition to start malfunctioning.

It may also be the cookware you have decided to use, and the model of your hob may not be able to recognize that specific pot or pan. Your cookware should be made of stainless steel or iron. Here is everything you need to know about how to unlock the Beko induction hob, no matter what setting it is in.

How Do I Turn The Lock Off On My Beko Hob?

If you have found that your hob has locked for whatever reason, then you can easily unlock it again. To turn the lock off on your Beko hob, do the following:

  1. On the control panel on your cooktop, press and hold the “lock” key for two seconds.
  2. Wait until you hear the audible signal.
  3. You should notice that the light for the “lock” key will turn off.

How To Deactivate The Childproof Lock On A Beko Hob

You can easily switch the childproof lock on and off. If you have accidentally activated the child lock and do not need it on, then take the following few steps to deactivate it:

  1. Press and hold the “lock” key on the control panel.
  2. Keep holding the “lock” key until you hear a single signal sound.
  3. The child lock should now be deactivated, and the light for the “lock” key should turn off. The hob is now ready for use again.

You can also find all of this information in the instruction manual that came with your hob when you first purchased it. The manual has very detailed descriptions that are extremely helpful.

How To Turn Off The Cleaning Lock On A Beko Hob

You do not need to press any buttons to deactivate the cleaning lock. Your hob will give you an audio signal after around 20 seconds. The key lock light will switch off, and your cleaning lock will then be deactivated.

You can manually deactivate it if you do not want to wait.

  1. Press and hold down on the “lock” key on the cooktop.
  2. Wait until you hear two intermittent signal sounds.
  3. The cleaning lock will then be deactivated.

How To Activate The Childproof Lock On A Beko Hob

You may want to activate this for a number of reasons. Children love to touch and love switching appliances on and off, and this can be very dangerous when there is heat and electricity involved.

When this setting is on, the little ones will not be able to fiddle around. You will need to deactivate this setting to use your hob again, as you will notice that turning it on won’t do much, and the plates won’t get hot.

  1. Press and hold the “lock” key on your cooktop when your hob is in standby mode.
  2. Wait until you hear two signal sounds, and then release the button.
  3. The light for the “lock” key will switch off, and you will then know that the child lock has been activated.

When this setting is activated, the light for the “lock” key will flash if any buttons are pressed on the control panel.

Beko Hob Basic Settings

The Beko cooktop has a number of different settings. You can find in-depth details about all of these in your instruction manual for the specific model that you have purchased. Some of the basic settings include:

  • The multi-segment cooking zone selection key
  • Booster key and quick heating key
  • Memory key
  • Stop key
  • Timer activation and deactivation key
  • Keep warm key
  • Individual cooking keys for each cooking zone
  • Temperature indicator

The Beko hob is very easy to use, and you can enter any new setting at the push of a button.

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