How To Unlock Siemens Induction Hob

Why Has My Induction Hob Locked?

Siemens cooktops lock due to their various safety settings. You may have switched one on by accident, but luckily deactivating the settings is an easy task. The induction hob may also lock due to an electrical problem or a fault. An induction cooktop only does this as a precautionary measure.

The Siemens stovetop has various safety lock features, and you can also find more details about all of these features in your owner’s manual. All of the settings can be adjusted using the controls found on the Siemens hobs. Here is everything you should know about how to unlock Siemens induction hob:

How Do I Turn The Lock Off On My Siemens Hob?

You can also turn the whole induction hob off for various occasions. This is a handy safety feature that is very easy to deactivate. You can also find this information in the user manual. It will tell you everything you need to know about activating this setting too. Here is how to deactivate it:

  1. Touch and hold the main switch button on the control panel.
  2. Hold the button down for about 4 seconds.
  3. This will switch the hob on and unlock it.

How To Deactivate The Childproof Lock On A Siemens Hob

The childproof lock can be activated and deactivated in the same way. The plates will not work or get extremely hot when this setting is on. To deactivate the setting, do the following:

  1. Turn the Siemens stovetop on by pressing the main switch button on the control panel.
  2. Turn all of the plates onto the heat setting 2.
  3. Switch each plate off one at a time. Start from right to left.
  4. Press and hold on to the switch for 5 seconds.
  5. Wait for the signal sound. The child safety lock will then be deactivated. Once it is unlocked, you can start using your hob again.

How To Turn Off The Cleaning Lock On A Siemens Hob

The Siemens hob does not have a specific cleaning lock. You can simply lock the cooktop. You also do not need to wait for your hob to cool down fully before cleaning it.

  1. Depending on what your control panel looks like, press the “cooking mode” or “panel lock” key for around 5 seconds.
  2. Wait until you hear the signal sound.
  3. Your hob should now be on.

How To Activate The Childproof Lock On A Siemens Hob

You can activate the childproof lock on your induction hob. This can stop the little ones from turning on the hot plates and getting badly injured. It also adds some extra safety in the kitchen. To activate this safety feature, you can do the following:

  1. Switch your Siemens cooktop on using the main switch button found on the control panel.
  2. Then switch all of the plates on the hob to the heat setting 2.
  3. Switch the hot plates off one at a time. Go from the right plates to the left plates.
  4. Hold the main switch down for about 5 seconds.
  5. Wait until you hear the signal sound. You will then know that the child lock has been activated.

Siemens Hob Basic Settings

The Siemens hob appliance has a number of basic settings to help achieve the best cooking experience. The hob has heat settings from 1 to 9, with one being the lowest and nine the highest.

A keep-warm setting in which you can place pots and pans on the cooktop, and they will be kept warm. This way, you avoid dealing with cold food. There is also a power boost function, which lets you increase the maximum power level on the burner so that your food heats up much faster.

There is a timer setting that can be used as a cooking timer or to switch off the hot plates automatically. The hob also has a memory function. This stores certain settings for certain meals. The memory function can be different on each hot plate.

And, of course, the Siemens hob has an on and off button.

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