How To Unlock Miele Induction Hob

Why Has My Induction Hob Locked?

Your Miele induction hob may be locked for several reasons, and in most cases, it locks as a safety precaution. You may have turned the child safety lock on by accident, the appliance may have gone into demonstration mode, or the appliance picked up on a malfunction and locked itself. None of the buttons or settings will work when it is in demonstration mode or on lock.

It all depends on the settings your cooktop has, but luckily you can deactivate all of these locks as easily as you can activate them.

How Do I Turn The Lock Off On My Miele Hob?

Turning the lock off again is very easy. You can press and hold down on the lock light for around 5 to 15 seconds. This should unlock and reset the system. If this does not work, then there may be something else wrong with the stove. The instruction manual may have more information if the standard method does not work.

How To Deactivate The Childproof Lock On A Miele Hob

The child safety lock is there to prevent the little ones from changing any of the settings and turning on the burners on the cooktop. Activating and deactivating it is quick and simple. While it is on, you will not be able to use any cooking zones. So to get your induction hob working again, you can deactivate the child safety lock by doing the following:

  1. Press and hold down the “lock” button for the child safety lock control.
  2. Wait until the indicator switches off. Once the indicator switch is off, you can be sure that the child safety lock has been deactivated.

How To Turn Off The Cleaning Lock On A Miele Hob

The cleaning lock can be very useful when wiping the cooktop down. It allows you to clean, scrub, and wipe the cooktop properly without touching any buttons or switching anything on by accident. An induction hob is touch-sensitive, so it is best to turn the cleaning lock on.

When you are finished cleaning and want to turn the cleaning lock off again, simply do the following:

  1. Touch the power button sensor for about 6 seconds.
  2. You should see “LC” come up on the timer display.
  3. It will then start counting down, and the lock will be deactivated.

How To Activate The Childproof Lock On A Miele Hob

The childproof lock can be activated in a few different ways and under various conditions. This setting can protect the little ones from danger when near the induction hob. You can already activate the child safety lock while you are using the cooktop. However, this won’t alter the timer or the settings for any of the burners.

You can touch the child safety lock button, and the indicator should come on to show you that it has been activated. You can also choose to activate the setting manually. This can be done by doing the following:

  1. Hold down the child safety lock button.
  2. Wait until the indicator lights come on. The light will then turn off again after a few seconds.

You can also change the programming for how the control panel operates to make it even harder for children to turn the appliance on. You can also change the programming and put the stove into “P7”. This will automatically turn the child safety lock on 5 minutes after you have turned the cooktop off.

Miele Hob Basic Settings

The Miele hob has all of the basic settings like an on and off switch, settings to control the heat levels, a timer, separate buttons for the cooking zones, and changing the power levels. There is also a booster setting, auto heat up, and a keeping warm function.

The hob also has nine basic power levels, each of which has different heats and is suited for different foods and cooking purposes. The instruction manual that comes with the induction stove explains each heat setting in depth so you can operate the cooktop correctly.


How do I know if my hob is locked?

If you are unable to turn on your induction hob, chances are that it has been locked or that the child safety lock is switched on.

What does “LC” mean on a Miele hob?

LC stands for Safety Lock/System Lock Active.

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