Which DeLonghi Eletta Model is the Best?

DeLonghi has a wide range of coffee machines ranging in price and style, meaning they will almost definitely have a machine that’s right for you.

The DeLonghi Eletta range is one of their more premium models of coffee machines, coming packed with features and settings to make brewing coffee at home easy. But which DeLonghi Eletta model is the best?

Who are DeLonghi?

DeLonghi is an Italian brand, leading the way for beautifully designed and functional household appliances. Their products are loved globally, with more than 120 markets around the world selling the brand. 

DeLonghi has a long-standing reputation for producing well made, high quality products at a reasonable price point. Their products are made with the user in mind, enabling users to create high standard food and drink at home. 

What is the DeLonghi Eletta range?

The DeLonghi Eletta range is a collection of automatic bean to cup coffee machines.  Depending which model you choose, the machines provide you with nearly full customisation over your drink, whether you’re creating single espressos or frothy cappuccinos. 

The Eletta range provides you with high quality tasting coffee, all within the comfort of your own home. 

Where is DeLonghi Eletta made?

All of the DeLonghi Eletta machines are designed and engineered in Italy, so you can be assured that you’re getting a high quality product. 

Since the brand acquired Kenwood, they have been given access to Kenwood’s Chinese factory, meaning many DeLonghi products are now imported from China. 

Are the DeLonghi Eletta’s good coffee machines?

The DeLonghi Eletta range of coffee machines are near the top of DeLonghi’s range, coming packed with features and settings to make brewing the perfect cup of coffee at home as easy as pushing a couple of buttons. DeLonghi are well trusted manufacturers, and the Eletta range is no exception. 

The Eletta machines are fairly slim in design but tall in height, meaning if you have some counter space with no upper cupboards, you will be able to have one in your kitchen without any difficulties. 

DeLonghi Eletta models

DeLonghi have a range of different models in their Eletta range to choose from. 

Eletta Explore

The DeLonghi Eletta Explore is an automatic espresso machine designed to make the perfect espresso or milk-based drinks. With this model, you can enjoy a variety of hot and cold drinks that can be easily programmed to tailor to 4 different user profiles. 

The machine has 13 different grind settings, a detachable milk container, customisable coffee options and the DeLonghi’s LatteCrema milk system. 

While the machine has been noted to be easy to use if you want standard milk-based drinks, it can become complicated if you’re looking to tailor it to what you want specifically. 

Eletta Cappuccino Top

The DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino blends futuristic design with robust quality, for a simple to use machine that produces great tasting coffee. This unit offers four different lengths and five different strengths of coffee, meaning you’ll be able to find the perfect combination to suit your taste. 

In terms of milk, it does produce a microfoam like the others that use the LatteCrema technology, but many users have suggested that the settings need to be configured if you want your milky coffees to be extra hot. 

Overall, the Eletta Cappuccino is a good, sturdy choice from the Eletta range. The exterior has been noted to look slightly cheap due to the plastic, but it will fit the aesthetics of most kitchens. 

We have a detailed review of the DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino on our site for more information on this model.

Eletta Plus

Make all your favourite coffee shop drinks at home with the Eletta Plus bean to cup coffee machine. This machine allows you to personalise your coffee, thanks to the two line digital display which can be used to configure both the length and strength of your coffee.

The adjustable milk frother helps you make your favourite milky coffees, such as cappuccinos and lattes; however, as the milk system is not integrated like others, it does not use the LatteCrema technology either. 

There does seem to be an issue with the internal temperature controls, as many users have stated both the steam wand and coffee come out warm, rather than hot. However, this may be something that can be changed via the control panel. 

Eletta ECAM 44.660.B

The ECAM 44.660.B is a fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine that features an automatic cappuccino system, as well additional options to make high quality espressos, americanos and other milk based drinks at just the simple press of a button. 

Like the other Eletta machines, this one also features the LatteCrema Hot technology which tops your coffees with long-lasting, creamy milk foam at the right temperature. 

Some users have found it is tricky to get to grips with once you first start using the machine; however, after a little bit of practice, you should be able to master it in no time. 

Eletta ECAM 44.620

DeLonghi’s ECAM 44.620 is another one of their sleek coffee machines featuring a milk frother, perfect for making delicious cappuccinos. This machine also features 2 espresso pumps, meaning that you can brew two espressos at the same time. 

The integrated grinder has adjustable grinding levels that are 100% accurate thanks to the conical steel grinders. The machine’s technology also grinds the right amount of beans every time, leaving no residual ground coffee in the unit. 

Unfortunately, this machine does not feature the LatteCrema technology, but instead features an automatic steam wand. Users have noted that the steam wand does take some time to heat up and foam the milk, so if you’d rather the machine did all the hard work for you, it would be best to opt for a different machine.  

Which is the best DeLonghi Eletta coffee machine?

Which DeLonghi Eletta machine you choose to purchase really depends on your personal needs and how much involvement you want in your coffee making. Keep reading to find out our verdict on the Eletta range. 

The Eletta Explore, Eletta Cappuccino and the Eletta ECAM 44.660.B all use DeLonghi’s LatteCrema technology, which is a major advantage if you’re looking for a machine that produces a smooth, creamy and rich milk foam for milk based coffees. 

All of these machines also feature a variety of different grind settings, but the Eletta ECAM 44.660.B misses the mark when it comes to adjusting your coffee strength and length. 

Both the Eletta Explore and the Eletta Cappuccino offer different units of strength and length, however, the Eletta Explore seems to take the edge thanks to its user profiles. 

Not only can you fully customise your drink, but you can save the settings on the machine ready for the next time you want the exact same coffee. It also has options for hot and cold coffees, making it an ideal coffee machine throughout the whole year.

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